Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

So, Brett came over for the weekend.  He agreed to take the girls out trick-or-treating.  Awesome!  I was off the hook, and could be home to pass out sugary treats to neighborhood kids.  Double Awesome!  I saw some cute little kids.  I love little kids in costume.  Heck, I love little kids in street clothes, too.

I am dog-sitting this weekend.  Mom and Dad ran off to Branson for the weekend, and poor Sadie was left all alone.  She is having a sleep-over with Hawkeye this weekend.  Hawkeye loves it...for about a minute.  Then, she just annoys him.  It's so funny.  Right now, he's lying in the far corner of the room, glaring at her.  She's lying under Brett, hoping that he drops candy.

OK, I have a ton to say, but I'm tired and lazy, so I'll post more tomorrow.


Thursday, October 30, 2008

A better day

Well, first let me say "sorry" about yesterday's post.  I don't get like that very often, but when I do, it's nasty.  I should delete the entry, but it's an honest place that I was in.  I'm leaving it.  Maybe it will help me not go back there.

I woke up this morning, deciding that I was going to have a better day.  It's all about attitude, and if I roll with the punches, not getting worked up, I can deal.  That's what I did.  Only small road blocks popped up, and I dealt with them just fine.

Now, I'm enjoying Survivor, with Grey's Anatomy and ER to follow.  It's a good, typical Thursday, and life is good.  Oh yeah, and I purchased cookie dough from my BWF Michelle's son a while back, and it was delivered today.  Hot chocolate chunk cookies.  Mmmmmm.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Mentally drained

Today I just feel like I've had it.  From the time I leave home, until the time the girls get to school, I call and get called at least 10 times.  I call 2-3 times to make sure they're on track to be ready on time.  They call because they've lost a sock, or forgot an assignment, or aren't sure how many muffins I said they could have or because one used the other's deodorant.

I'm blessed that they are old enough to get themselves together and walk to school.  I no longer pay a ton of $$$ to day care.  I'm a mother, and I'm mothering.  I get that.

Work is getting more and more mentally draining.  It's getting busy and I'm dealing with some coworkers who won't pull their weight.  I'm fixing problems that others have caused, and multi-tasking on things that need my undivided attention.

It's my job.  I answer phones and emails, fix technical errors, check orders, and deal with customer's problems.  It's in the job description, and I get that.

From the time I get off work, until the time that I'm home, I call or get called at least 6 times a day.  I call to let them know that I'm on the way.  They call because someone has the music too loud, there are no pencils (yes there are, in the drawer,) the cat almost got out,  is it OK to have a snack cake instead of the predetermined snack, there's a muffin left and they both want it, etc.  

I'm blessed that they are old enough to come home after school and do their homework with no help most of the time.  I'm not paying after-school care.  I'm a mother, and I'm mothering.  I get that.

I'm staying up late to make sure that laundry stays caught up.  I get the coffee pot prepped for morning, figure out breakfast plans, and tidy up a bit for the next day.  I'm getting 6-7 hours of sleep, and my lazy body wants 8-9 hours.

I'm blessed to have a warm home to wake up in, a washer and dryer to do laundry in, and food to feed my family.  I'm a mother and  I'm mothering.  I get that.

I know that I'm being over-sensitive tonight.  I know that I'm just tired, and it's making me whiney.  I don't want to complain, because 100,000 other mothers out there are doing the same things, with fewer resources.  There are latchkey kids at home at the age of 8, instead of 13.  I am quite blessed, and I won't give up.

It's just a pity-party kind of night, and I'm tired.  

A more uplifting post tomorrow, I promise.  No matter what.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Crying alone in my bedroom

So, I was over at Mom's blog, and saw this post.  As I sit here alone in my bedroom, I bawled like a baby.  I love animals.  I truly love them.  Cats are NOT my animal of choice, but I laugh daily at the antics of our feline family members.  I've grown fond of even them.

Hawkeye is the best dog I've ever owned.  He's loyal, loving, and well behaved.  Add in silly and personable, and you've got a great friend.  I thought I ran over him a couple of weeks ago (turns out I barely clipped the end of his foot, and he never even limped,) and when I heard that yelping that only a hurt dog can do, my heart stopped.  If anything happened to him, I don't know what we'd do.

Even my silly sharks bring me a lot of pleasure.  Watching them and the hierarchy in the aquarium (plus, that plecostomus is one ugly dude) is peaceful and fun.  A visit to Mom's wouldn't be complete without throwing the frisbee for Sadie, or saying hello to Blue while touching his velvety nose.

Yes, animals are an awesome blessing.  I don't know WHAT we'd do without them.  If you don't have a pet, I'm sorry.  If you're allergic, I'm sorry.  If you've never hung out with animals, no other humans around, I'm sorry.  They have a way of sensing what's going on, and knowing who the good guys are.  When Kevin and the girls are gone, Hawkeye lies close to me, and watches over my every move, making sure that I'm safe.

I gotta go hug my dog, now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

To destroy a camera

Kevin found a digital camera (an old one) at a garage sale last year.  The lady selling it said that things were out of focus, but for a couple of bucks, it was worth finding out if it was user error.  It was not.  This is a POS camera.  It has since developed (get it?  Developed?) new problems.  Tonight, Natalie asked if she could destroy it.  Why not?

After a smack or two from a hammer, we had this:

Ever wondered what it looked like behind that back cover?  Now you know.  Of course, Natalie wasn't satisfied, and now Monica was interested.  What would happen if each took another couple of swings:

This is the other side (front) of said camera.  It was a tough little bugger, but it finally came apart in a wild splendor of pieces, just as Natalie had planned.

Oh yeah!  We have FUN around here!  I would try to explain how things work, or how this is a one-time thing, or how electronics are delicate items...but...But I thought this was WAY more fun.  Yeah, I'm warped like that.

Now, since you lived through that nonsense, let me share with you tonight's view of Mom's hill.

Beautiful, no?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Unplanned visit to Grammy's house

A while back, I got a very affordable computer from Walmart.  It didn't have a monitor, but I can get monitors at work for a song, if I don't mind the old CRTs.  Kevin got her all hooked up and things were fine for a few days.  Then, it bit the big one.

No telling what happened.  It had ridden down there in the back of the pickup, plus it was pretty old and slow to begin with.  I think it was just tired.  She was sure she had done something wrong, because she has no experience, but she couldn't have caused what was happening.

A bit after 5 last night, I told Kevin, "I can't fix it from here.  I think I'll just go down there."  He agreed that, despite the fuel involved, it was the best solution.  Monica was at a friends house, so Natalie and I jumped in the truck and headed South.  She and I are great travel buddies, and we laughed and sang and acted silly for three hours before arriving in Carthage.

I tried everything in my limited repertoire to get the poor thing running.  Diagnostics tests found most things OK, but the display adapter wasn't happy.  That wouldn't explain everything that it was doing, but it would explain some.  I gave up and went to bed, then woke up this morning and started messing with it again.

I finally cried "Uncle" and told Linda that I didn't think I could fix it.  She decided it would be best to buy an eMachine like my new one, so off we went to WalMart.   We went back to her house and set it up.  After several updates and the long setup process, we got her online once again.  I feel better about her chances with a new machine.

Now, we just need to set her up with a digital camera!  LOL  When we left, she had some things added to favorites, knew how to get to her email, and was playing a very competitive game of Hearts.  (Please don't tell her that those other three players aren't real people.)

Now, I'm home in my comfy living room, while the 20-25 mph wind howls outside (gusts are close to 50 mph.)  It got warm today, but it's blowing so hard, I fear we'll be transported to Oz if we step out there!  "Auntie Em! Auntie Em!"

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Intolerable actions

So, I was reading Heather's blog, and I had the thought: There are certain things that I can NOT tolerate.  We agree on the one she talks about, but I considered coming up with a list of 5.  Gosh, that was easy!  I wonder how long the list would get if I gave it more thought?

1. Cheating on a spouse/partner.  This is the greatest evil.  If you are unhappy with your choice, then leave.  Kevin and I made that agreement years ago.  If you're unhappy with me, then let's call it quits.  You go double-dippin' and I may kill you.  I'm just sayin'.

2. Disrespectful children.  Sure, my kids are allowed to joke around, "No, Mom, I will NOT clean my room!" But they dang sure better be headed in to clean when they say it.  I am the adult, I make the decisions, and you will treat me (and other adults) with respect.  Other people's kids tend to tick me off.

3. People in their own world.  You know the ones.  They block the isle of the grocery store while chatting with a friend.  They block the fast lane, going 60 in a 70 while chatting on a cell phone.  They wander around, forgetting that there is anyone else in the world.

4. Taking credit for another person's work.  If I've put blood, sweat and tears into a task at work, and you are thanked by mistake, you DANG sure better stumble all over yourself to correct the situation.  If I find out that you took credit for my work or idea, I'll hang you out to dry at the first opportunity.

5. Pushing your beliefs on me.  I don't mind if you share your beliefs.  In fact, I'm fascinated by things that I'm ignorant about.  However, if you try to convert me, or force me to believe the way you do, then you better hope that I decide to cut off contact.  The alternate reaction is not a good one.

Wow, I'm getting mad just thinking about these things.  I better go play on YoVille to relax.  Anyone have ideas for their top 5?  Leave a comment or do a post of your own.  I'd be interested to see what drives you over the edge.

A date

Kevin and I went on a date last night.  Monica went to a friend's house to spend the night, and Natalie headed to Grandma's house.  It sounds like they both had/are having a ball.  We had a good time last night, too, although it was pretty darn cold out for me.  Just so you know, under 60 is pretty darn cold to me.

Kevin got off work before me, so he headed to KC and hung out in our break room, playing on the laptop while he waited for me to get off work.  At 5, as we were leaving, co-worker T (who had been pretty needy of my time all day) walked by and I said, "Hey!  You should buy me a beer after today!"  He agreed, so the three of us went to a place a block from work and visited for almost an hour.

Then, K and I headed out and went to Brett's dad's house to drop off a Birthday card for Brett.  Yes, my baby boy turned 20 yesterday!  I had called him earlier, but we needed to drop off his card and say it in person.  Unfortunately, he wasn't home.

From there, we stopped in Oak Grove for something to eat at a restaurant/bar that I've only been to once before.  I never go to bars anymore, so it was kind of fun to see the crowd, relaxing on a Friday evening, laughing loudly.  We each had a very good sandwich dinner, and headed home at a decent hour.

I used to want to go out all the time.  I loved dive-bars with pool tables and juke boxes.  You know the ones.  All of the small-town hangouts that didn't tend to get rowdy?  Just some constructions workers and locals, enjoying the end of a hard week of work.  Now?  I just can't justify spending the money.  I'd like it if we did more sometimes, but I really like to be home.  My idea of doing something fun away from home is watching Dad work in his shop, and maybe helping open gates or get tools for him.

Yeah, I'm getting old.  Also, when the weather turns cold, I'd just as soon not leave the warmth of my house.  When I get off work, in the colder months, I don't even want to stop at the store or the gas station.  Just get me home!

Anyway, at least my need for my home saves a lot of money!  Last night it got down into the upper 30's and my house (without the furnace on) only got down to 66.  We turned the furnace on this morning to get it up to 68, then turned it back off.  Yes, I think we can layer a bit and save some propane until it gets super-cold.

Wow, what a rambling post.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A bully?

So, Natalie is having some issues with a kid.  Actually, they've been going on for a couple of years.  She tells on him, he is talked to.  Then, he does it again.  This year, it has escalated to another level.  She's been called "fugly" and "stupid" and had rocks thrown at her.

She has not been totally innocent, I'm sure.  I've heard her mutter, "idiot" as we drive by him on the street.  I know that, if she'll say it in front of me, she'll say it to him.  However, most of her actions have actually been REactions.  He kicks her, she kicks him back.  Then they're both in trouble.

Today, he pushed and pushed until she threatened to put him on her death list.  And then?  Yeah, she wrote a death list, with his name.  *sigh*  If I was his mom, and heard of this, I'd freak.  If I was a teacher or principal, I'd freak.  I know her, and know that she was reacting to a hi-stress situation.  But she dealt with it in a VERY wrong way.

She doesn't remember Columbine.  She doesn't remember any school shootings.  She didn't have a CLUE what this would come to.  However, I don't want them to take it lightly.  She has to learn how very VERY wrong it was.  The superintendent pushed for a 3 day OSS (out of school suspension.)  Her principal knows her very well, and wanted to offer another punishment.

She will have a 1-day ISS (in school suspension.)  The punishment is severe, and it's real, but her scores for the day count, so she doesn't go from A honor roll to B's and C's.  It was a horrible lapse in judgment, and I can assure you that it will not happen again.  She's scared shitless.

We are teaching her coping skills, and telling her that she needs to be a "tattle tale" where this kid is concerned.  If stuff happens on the way home again, I will call the police on him.  My child will NOT be victimized on her way home from school.

Anyway, a lot of drama is boiled down into a very tough lesson.  She'll serve her ISS, and write down everything that happened, since she couldn't talk about it today due to crying. We will document each future incident, and to whom she reported it.  This WILL get resolved before the year is out.

So, how did YOUR parent-teacher conferences go?  LOL  My girls are both doing EXCELLENT, academically.  Now, to work out the awkward social crap.  *sigh*  I just wish that I handled things better in my life, so I could teach them how to do the same.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I gotta quit watching Oprah

So, all of the talk shows are talking finances.  Oh my LORD!  These kids can't get new clothes each month?  The HUMANITY!  The kids have to eat dinner at home?  SAY IT AIN'T SO!

I'm sick of it.  Yes, the economy scares me to death right now.  Sure, fuel prices are down, and that's a help.  Sure, I have nothing tied up in the stock market, so I haven't lost anything.  Still, it's tough to afford groceries.

My kids don't ask for things at the store.  On the rare occasion that they DO ask for some bobble, they follow the request with, "If we can't afford it, it's OK."  They don't expect "things" and they appreciate what they have.

Yes, I am happy with how my kids are turning out.  I bought new umbrellas for them (since they walk to school and had no umbrellas) and they were thrilled!  "Oooh, thanks Mom!"  It's a small thing, but they appreciate where we are in life, and what it takes to buy any little thing.

I just keep rockin' on.  I work, I come home.  I pay the bills that can be paid, and chip away at the larger ones.  I know that there is no debtor's prison, and I know that my family depends upon me.  Therefore, I do what is needed to keep treading water.

What more can we do, other than tread water?  Keep paddling, my friends

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Good stuff, here.

My dearest husband brought flowers to me at work today.  Walked right up behind me while I was working on the phone with a customer, and put them on my desk.  He touched my shoulder, mouthed "I love you," and walked out.  Be still my heart.

Although it will make me late to work (approved ahead of time,) we are having a thunder storm right now.  It's a good one, too.

Since I have to take the girls to school tomorrow, anyway (due to rain,) I have some things to donate to the school that will hopefully help this low-budget school complete some projects.

My house is VERY warm, and the furnace has yet to be turned on this year.  It's awesome to have a well-sealed house.

Kevin made an incredible dinner of oven-baked chicken tonight, complete with stuffing and corn.  Yum.

Friday, thanks to the generosity of my mother, we will have a date-night.  We have no money to speak of, so it won't involve fancy dinners and movies, but we'll get some time alone, which NEVER happens.

Yes, there are good things going on around here.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Things 'N Stuff

I paid $2.32 per gallon for gas this morning, and thought I was getting a good deal.

I didn't want to turn on the furnace until November, but it's going to be in the low 30s with a possibility of flurries in a few days.

Hawkeye's fleas are back with a vengeance, within the past few days.

The leaves are prettier by the day around here.  Missouri rocks!

I'm really good at what I do for a living, and it's a good feeling to end a day knowing that.

How's THAT for random?

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The gang is home

Well, I slept in a bit, but not too much.  Tammy left around 9:30 and Missy headed out at noon.  I went to Mom's, had some of my favorite thing in the world, then came home and fell asleep watching the race.

Shortly after I woke up, Kevin and the girls got home.  They are all beat, too, from the long weekend.  It was a good time for them, from the sound of it.  Now we recuperate this evening, and get back to routine tomorrow.

Parting thoughts:
I have no comment about the Chiefs.
Carl finished third. Respectable for Martinsville.
I love potato soup.
My friends are fun.
Naps are underrated.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Girl's night IN

When I was younger I used to LOVE a "girl's night out."  Bars, loud music, drinking and dancing.  Now, I can't afford the bar, I don't dance, the loud music gives me a headache, and it's hard to find a ride home.

My newest idea?  A "Girl's Night In!"  I have a few friends coming over tonight to chill out, play a game or two, and everyone will crash here.  No driving involved.  I know that Missy and Tammy are coming, and I'm hoping the Melodie can join us.  I have junk food.  What else is needed?  LOL

OK, time to sign off here and get the dog in.  It's dark, so he shouldn't mind coming in too much.  Oh, how he HATES to come in when the sun is shining.

Later, gator!

Friday, October 17, 2008

All Alone

Well, here I am. Kevin took the girls South for the Maple Leaf festival. This is a BIG deal in Carthage. It's sort of fun, but it's a bigger deal to Kevin. It's like a home coming to him. He sees folks he's known for years, and he enjoys every minute of it, good or bad. I enjoy parts of it, but some of it just wears me out. A couple of years ago, I had to bow out, due to the busy season at work.

Kevin and the girls had a better time than ever that year. I wasn't there to point out the small, negative things that happened, and they were free to have a ball, not noticing the bad things. It was the perfect answer. Now, this is the tradition. Kevin takes the girls to Maple Leaf, and I stay home.

I love being alone! For a few hours. What then? Then I'm lonely. Yeah, I'm a social person, and I can only talk to the dog for SO long before I realize that he doesn't answer. Tonight is awesome. Tomorrow? Yeah, I'll be looking for company. Here are the plans, so far.

I'll sleep in, and then pick up Mom to go to the store. After that, I'll clean house, but it's not going to take long. Then, I'll probably go to Mom's again, so I can visit with Dad. In the evening, I have a friend coming over to spend the night. Yeah, I'm lame, but I can't STAND to be alone for very long. Most of you would love it, but I just feel empty and lonely if there isn't anyone to talk to (and respond. Sorry Hawkeye.)

I also reached for my camera three different times today. I sent the camera with Kevin. No camera=no stupid pictures from me. I know that you're happy about that, but it bums me out a bit. OK, off to watch Supernanny and play on YoVille. *sigh*

I'm lame.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin Seeds

Lindie asked, in a comment, how I roast pumpkin seeds. There are many ways, but her comment was that the outside was so tough, she had to peel them. That's just how it is. They are to be eaten like sunflower gotta peel them. Natalie doesn't, she eats the whole thing, but I pop them into my mouth, suck on them a bit, then spit out the shell, eating the seed inside. Sorry. I wish there was a better answer.

The roasting part is fun, though. I don't follow a recipe for meatloaf. I have the basics, and just add what I have. It's always good, but always different. Pumpkin seeds are the same. First, I soak them in salt water overnight. Then, when ready to roast, I coat them in olive oil, and season them with whatever I have. Onion salt, garlic powder, pepper, cayenne, whatever. Once, I tried some that had a sweet taste. They were good, but I don't know what was on them.

Anywho, coat them in olive oil, season them however you want, and pop them in a 250 degree oven for an hour, stirring them around a bit every 20 minutes or so. Sometimes, they take a bit longer, but look for golden brown. This batch took 1:10.

Lindie, I didn't solve your problem, but I answered your question. I hope it helps.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Color in the hill

After a week, I can see even more color in the hill. It was horribly difficult to drive to work in the pouring rain this morning, and getting the girls around early to go to Mom's was a drag, and there is a chill that causes me to find a blanket before sitting down here.....


It is just SO pretty!

Rainy Wednesday

I warned the girls that it may be raining this morning, meaning they would have to get up early and get ready fast. Because they walk to school, if the weather is bad, I take them to Mom's, where they catch the bus. When I woke up this morning, it was POURING!

Now one is ready, the other is in the shower, and we need to leave in 30 minutes. I think we're actually going to make it! I have meetings before work twice a week, and it always rains/snows/hails/freezes on a meeting day. Anyway, the girls cooperated really well this morning, so I'll make it to my meeting on time.

I hate meetings. LOL It seems that people have meetings to plan meetings. Seriously, we spend 30 minutes covering 5 minutes of information, and I spend the other 25 minutes thinking about what's not getting done at my desk. That's probably a bad attitude, but it's the only one I've got.

Tomorrow is flu shot day at work. Gotta love a free flu shot! Then, on Friday, my family abandons me to head South. Yup, I think I can make it over this middle-of-the-week hump. It's all downhill from there.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Good Night, my friends

It was a decent day at work. Kevin made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. I got dishes done. Girls are in bed. House is clean and comfortable. Aquarium is in sight and peaceful. Yard work is done. It's Octoberish outside, cool and drizzly. I'm under the softest, warmest blanket in the world. Pumpkin seeds are soaking in salt water for roasting. I have the most amazing friends.

Top that!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am worn out!

Well, it has been another productive day! I am so tired and sore, I can barely move. Notice it's not affecting my computer use, though. LOL I don't let much get in the way of that! Kevin fixed breakfast, and then we watched CBS Sunday Morning. We never miss that show.

When that was over, we started emptying the tool shed. You wouldn't think that thing could hold as much as it does, but when we were done, it looked like we were having a yard sale! When we were done, Kevin asked if I would go fill the air tank (at Dad's) for his lawn mower, which has a tire with a slow leak. As I headed that direction, I passed Dad on his tractor, heading to our house!

When I got back, they got started. Dad would lift the shed with the forks on the tractor, Kevin would place the cinder blocks underneath. I carried a lot of cinder blocks today! After the shed was off the ground and level, we had Dad help with one more task. Before winter, I wanted to move Kevin's project car (waiting for $$$ to work on it) to the lower driveway. Some pictures below. Click on the picture to go see the other 2.
busy weekend

With that done, and Dad gone home, Kevin started mowing the lawn. It will probably be the last time of the year. I started the long process of putting things into the shed again, in a neat and orderly fashion. It made a lot more room in there, and Kevin's garden tractor has plenty of room around it, now. The girls can get to their bikes now without breaking any bones. LOL

I went to Dad's to grab his weed-eater, so Kevin could do the bank, and I mentioned in passing that I needed to get some dirt one of these days, for the low spots in the yard. He was heading that way right then, and told me to follow him into the pasture. I did, and he put two bucket loads into the back of the truck. I came home and started shoveling it into the three places that it needed to go.

Now, keep in mind that I sit at a desk all day at work. I am so sore that I can barely move! I'm sore enough today, that tomorrow will be laughable, watching me try to move around. Still, it's a great sense of accomplishment, knowing how much is done. Also, I hate to break it to Kevin, but I think I'm going to go get the aquarium ready to move, now. Sorry Honey.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

About the plans for the day...

Well, I posted the plans for the day, so I guess I should post a report.

The house is clean. Darn near spotless.

The back porch is clean. Not planned, but needed done.

We had a good dinner, and Mom and Dad were able to join us after a long motorcycle ride.

The aquarium will move in the morning. I needed Kevin's help, and he was spent, after working today, then going to the store(s).

The shed will be dealt with tomorrow, as well. Dad is so tired after riding all day.

Groceries are stocked up (thanks honey!)

My Yoville apartment is taking shape. I'm making a funeral chapel. LOL

The laundry is almost completely done, including sheets and comforters.

The guest room is clean. Sheesh, that's been a month in the making.

Tomorrow, the lawn will be mowed, for probably the last time this year. Autumn has arrived.

I am content and blessed.

Saturday morning

I absolutely love love LOVE Saturday mornings. Two days laid out in front of me, and no place to go unless I WANT to go. I always make mental lists of what I'd like to accomplish. I never get it all done, but that's OK. I usually at least hit the biggies. I slept until 8, LOL, and then started checking on my internet friends.

I think I'll move the aquarium this afternoon. Kevin has to help because, I don't care how much water you drain from it, a 30 gallon tank is HEAVY. Then I'll give it a good scrubbing and fill it up in it's new home. I'll enjoy having it in here in the living room, where it's in sight more of the time. It's kind of neglected where it is right now, in the computer room.

I need to get Dad's help this afternoon, to help us raise the back of the shed. It's uneven, and has been for quite some time. Kevin will bring some cap blocks from work, and with dad's tractor and forks to raise it, we can even it up. I'll have to get the shed all emptied out before we start that task.

Of course, I'd like to get our weekend housecleaning done today. That would free tomorrow up for more lounging and relaxing. The girls want to have someone spend the night tonight, so they'll have to clean for that to happen. Especially their rooms. The cleaning task is probably the first thing that I'll tackle. Getting that out of the way would be nice.

OK, that's how my mind works on a Saturday morning. Usually, other tasks come up, and some things are left undone. I'll let you know if that happens today. Maybe I'll take a nap later. LOL After all, the NASCAR race isn't until tonight!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The color is arriving!

click on picture to make it bigger

The color is arriving! I see a bit more each day. I know that sounds far-fetched, but every day, I can see a difference. The picture above is of the hill that Mom and Dad live on. I love that hill. I also love days like today. It was mid-70s, sunny, with a very slight breeze. I went to break this afternoon, and almost didn't go back in.

I really have nothing of consequence to journal about tonight. Just the fact that I LOVE the colors that are showing up around here. If it's going to be fall, it ought to be pretty, right?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What will this country do?

I usually don't get too tied up in what the stock market is doing. I don't participate in the 401K at work. Neither does Kevin. We live check-to-check, and it seems that the poor folks don't get hit as hard (maybe as quickly?) as the better off folks. That may just be my perception. I don't know.

Anyway, fuel costs are coming down. I don't know who in their right mind would think that $2.77 per gallon is a good price, but it's beats $3.89, right? Anyway, it's still too much. I hear that it's tough to get credit. I can't afford to pay it back, so credit isn't an option, anyway.

We are hurting, financially. Yeah, so what? We have ALWAYS been hurting financially. I'm even thinking about taking a part-time job for a few months, just to keep treading water. That sucks, and I don't want to. However, you do what you have to do, in order to keep your family housed and fed.

The debates make me feel scared. The news makes me feel scared. The conversations with friends and customers make me scared. Just because I've heard my Grandma's stories about depression times, makes me scared.

What are you going to do? Just keep on keepin' on. That's all any of us can do. I can't shut down, curl into a ball, and suck my thumb until it goes away. I have to get up each morning, get my girls ready for school, then head to work. I have to do the best job that I can do, and then head home to take care of my people.

I thank God for parents who are nearby. I thank God for a good job. I thank God for a loving family. I thank God for free instruments, so my children can enjoy an extra-curricular activity. I thank God for a husband who keeps working tons of OT, even though he hurts daily. I thank God for my $500 car, which acts up some times, but has never failed to get me to work. I thank God for my mother instilling a thankful spirit into me.

I'm scared, but I'm dealing with it. Are you scared? Can you tell me how to deal with this nonsense?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The good and the bad

Good: The rain held off until the girls got to school.
Bad: It got COLD today!
Good: I completed all high-priority tasks at work.
Bad: It was an insanely busy day, and I thought it would kill me.
Good: It is getting colorful and beautiful outside.
Bad: With colorful comes cold and damp.
Good: I am in my warm home.
Bad: I feel closed in when the windows are shut.
Good: I have 42 minutes of battery left on this thing.
Bad: My power cord is at work.

Regardless of the bad, the good is WAY good. I'm going to chill out and enjoy the evening.

Monday, October 6, 2008


I love the Yoville application on facebook. My living room is all decked out, I have some new clothes, and I went for a swim in the ocean earlier. I have some friends who also go there, and we visit each other's virtual homes from time to time. It's silly and nonsensical, but it's relaxing. I hate most applications, but that one is fun!

Kevin had dinner ready shortly after my arrival home. It was batter dipped fish, mac-n-cheese, and peas. A favorite meal of mine, and the girls love it, too. Good stuff.

Natalie has a clarinet now. A work friend gave it to us, and she's thrilled. Now both girls have their own instruments. No more borrowing, or wondering where to come up with $300+ to let them stay in band. It's an extremely tough week for me, both at work and at home, so blessings like that are a wonderful distraction.

It's rainy and cool here. We need the rain, but it's going to make for an interesting morning. If it's raining in the morning, the girls must be ready a full hour earlier than usual, so I can drop them off at mom's (to catch the bus) and make it to work by 8 for a meeting. If it could just stop raining for a bit in the morning, then start again at 8, that'd be good. LOL I don't expect much, huh?

Maybe I could convince them that walking to school in the rain is healthy...or fun!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Productive and tired

We were very productive today. We try to kick butt on the house every weekend, since it deteriorates all week long. This week, Sunday was the day. Kevin left to grocery shop (I hate it, and avoid it at all costs,) and I got started on the house.

When Natalie woke up, I got her started on a task, then called Monica to tell her to head home from friend's house. It was time to clean. You can imagine how thrilled she was. We cleaned until Kevin got home with the groceries. Then, I turned on the race and kept cleaning. My buddy, Carl, caused a major wreck. Dang. He usually doesn't do that crap. Anyway, enough NASCAR.

Kevin put a hand rail on my deck while we kept cleaning. The girls did their rooms and I took care of the upstairs. This place is CLEAN! I even cleaned the oven. I HATE cleaning the oven. It's like new, though. I found a window on the door! You can SEE INTO the oven! Who knew?

We finished up and had some bacon, eggs, and biscuits for dinner. It's only natural. I mean, after all, Kevin and I had left-over chili for breakfast. DON'T YOU DARE JUDGE ME! The day balanced out, anyway.

Now, it's time to chill out and watch my Sunday shows. I'm exhausted, but it feels good to have a clean house. Laundry is still going, but that's only 5 minutes of work each hour. My sheets are clean, my comforter is clean, and the towels are almost done. Yup, by the time I go to bed, the laundry will be caught up.

*sigh* What a great feeling. How was YOUR Sunday?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday night fun

A little part of my car broke today. It really wasn't a very big part at all. Since we had to deal with getting to that part, we figured we better replace the cracked serpentine belt, too. $100, 4 hours, lots of grease, and some interesting swear words from Kevin, and it's fixed right up now. Thanks honey!

After that, I showed Kevin and Natalie the treasure that I got from a buddy at work.

It's a life preserver from an airplane. After a certain number of years, they are retired, and this is from a plane that my boss used to have. When I saw it, I know it would be a lot of fun to check it out. I'm always curious about how this stuff works. A CO2 cartridge can inflate this thing quickly? How quickly? Is it loud?

I told Natalie that I'd let her do it. She asked if it would hurt. I told her, "If I knew the answer to that, I'd do it myself. Why do you think I want YOU to do it?" Of course, I was joking, but it made her nervous. I assured her that, if it is put out there to save your life, it wouldn't hurt you. Inside, I was wondering if it would scare her, and make her THINK that she was hurt.

Well, she did it, and it was hilarious...for everyone except Natalie. It scared the bejeebees out of her.

Wanna see all 5 of the series?

Life Preserver

Friday, October 3, 2008

Go Tigers!

My hometown Tigers won the homecoming game 41-6. WoooHooo! GO TIGERS! We watched half of the game, and then came home so Monica could get ready for the dance. *sniff* Her first high-school dance. I'm pretty concerned about a dance that has 7th graders AND Seniors, but there are plenty of chaperones, and I'll pick her up early, so it's all good. I guess.

Wanna see her? OK

She was sick of smiling by the time I took this one, but she was a trooper about it.

Monica has been using a trumpet borrowed from the school for 2 years. I didn't want to buy one until I knew she was going to stick with it. Now, in 7th grade, she isn't only sticking with it: She's very good! I posted on facebook about being upset at not finding one we could afford, and the generosity of friends blew me away. Monica is now the owner of her OWN trumpet, for free. I cried on the way home, thinking about it, and she is SO stoked. She had to play a scale or two on it, right off the bat.

I get so upset about being broke. I worry about paying bills. Then, something like this happens, and I just feel so overwhelmed and blessed.

OK, time to peruse some journals, and maybe doctor up my own a bit. If not, I'll do it tomorrow. Either way, I have to get this place looking like my own right away.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Well, Hello there!

OK, time to take this blog seriously. It beats the heck out of AOL anyway.

We are still under boil order, and according to the Department of Natural Resources for Missouri, it will likely last through next week. *sigh* I want to cry. It's already been 11 days. There are worse things, however. My husband and i are both employed, and we're too poor to notice the problems in the economy. Life goes on.

We watched Survivor, and then I went to Mom's to refill the water jug. It's getting old, lugging that thing around, but we're still best friends. It beats the HECK out of boiling, and I'll not complain.

Now that I'm bored with the debate, I'm watching Tombstone. Best. Movie. Ever.

OK, I'm out for tonight. I'll try to do pictures tomorrow, but it will be late. It's the homecoming game, and Monica is going to the dance. Busy night indeed.