Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Friday, July 27, 2007

What about Lucy?

Lucy's dad ran off around the fourth of July. He is the Chihuahua half of our little Jackahuahua. Keith (kevin's coworker) is heartbroken. He loved that dog, and it doesn't look like he's coming back. He wants Lucy.

Lucy is the love of our lives. She is fun and cute and animated, and she entertains us daily. She plays fetch, smiles when we get home, and curls up between us, UNDER the blanket, at bed time. She is a doll.

She also goes potty on the back porch. Due to our working schedule, she was never properly house trained. She thinks that cement the where she should "go". Granted, it's not in my house, but it's on my back porch. There are times that we come home, and it smells like a kennel in here. She chews up mail and other items, and she barks uncontrollably at anyone who passes by our window.

If she goes to live with Keith, she'll be showered with love, house-trained, and loved by the whole family. My house will be mine again, and we won't pick up poo from the back porch. Keith will have a dog again, and his daughters will adore her. I can turn on the a/c when it gets over 90 degrees, and life will be good.

On the other hand, I cry when I think about it. She is a little doll. Lucy is a personality in this house that I hate to lose. She is fun and funny, and she smiles a full-faced smile when I get home from work. I hold her and pet her and cry at the thought of losing her.

But....BUT.....I think it is best to let her go live with her daddy's owner. I think it's best to let go. Good lord, I hate to think about it, but at least I can visit whenever I want. Sweet, sweet Lucy, my dear sweet dog, after we break it to the girls, I think you will go live with your mamma. She'll take good care of you, and so will the humans who live there. I love you, sweetheart.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007