Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Still Healing

I had another appointment with my plastic surgeon today.  He was horribly late today due to a guy who came in for a quick appointment and had a ton of difficulties that were not easy to fix. I don't mind waiting for this doc, though, so I played candy crush and waited.  This is the doctor that always spends so much time with me and with Kevin, so I'm extra patient with him.

He said I'm healing better than he had even hoped! There's hardly any fat necrosis at all (it is a very typical thing that is usually expected) and he said he's thrilled with the size he did.  It's slightly bigger than the other (reduced) side because the transferred muscle will atrophy, therefore getting smaller, and it will settle a bit (with gravity) and be a good match.

He wants to see me in 2 months, and in the mean time, I am to massage the scars with vitamin E cream. He and the nurse are both impressed with how I'm healing and getting around.  He wishes that his other patients could see how well I'm doing.  He's VERY impressed with the TRAM.  In fact, he said, "Wow. I did a really good job on you." 

That's right.  I got good news at a doctor's appointment today.