Monday, October 26, 2009

Monica's follow up

Today was the day of Monica's appointment with the specialist. She went to Centerpoint for this event.

I won't show all of her pictures here, since they're on FB, but today was the appointment. I sent her with the camera, but she didn't take any of the Xray process. Kevin filled out paperwork and got her there, and they did Xrays of the right knee.

Then, up to the Dr's office for the appointment. When he saw her and the Xray, he wanted to see an Xray of her left (good) knee for reference. (What? Does he not know what a GOOD knee looks like? LOL j/k) They went back down for more Xrays, then back up to Dr's office.

Something in there is NOT right. He doesn't want to operate on someone her age, so he wants to try therapy. She is to do PT in a nearby town (thank goodness it's only 6 miles away) for 3 weeks, 3 days a week. She starts tomorrow.

I really hope it's not a copay each visit. If it is, they said they'd instruct us and let us do most at home. $20 a visit, at 9 visits, would kill us. They sound like they're going to be easy to get along with.

Meanwhile, the knee is still swollen, the knee still hurts, and the Dr says that something is torn in there. They can't know anything for sure without cutting, and we're avoiding that. We'll wait until the follow-up next month.

*sigh* Pass the the Pringles. This is stressful.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

21 years ago today

21 years ago today, I had my first baby. He was so pretty. Yeah, I caught a lot of flak from his dad for saying that, but he was SO pretty. If you wanna see how pretty, check out any of the pictures of his daughter and imagine her without the earrings.

Brett was such a good baby. He didn't cry without a darn good reason. He was never one to laugh real hard, either. He would ride round and round on a carnival ride and look so serious. When it was over, he'd say "again?" so we knew he was having just couldn't tell by looking at him.

Bonnie was one of Brett's grandmas. Oh how she loved that baby. She used the word "little" in every sentence about him. "I got the little shoes for his little feet. Don't you just LOVE his little feet?" The sun rose and set on him in her life. I hate that the world lost her so early in his life, but she sure made the most of her time with him while she was here.

When he was a toddler, his other grandparents found his motor. My Dad would put him on a tractor and he'd grab the steering wheel and start blowing raspberries. Slobber would run down his chin, but he didn't care. The motor just kept running. He'd stop when Dad would take him out of the seat, and then he'd place him on a different tractor and the motor would start again.

He was always "Bubba." Heck, he still is. The grandmothers weren't happy with the nick name, but it stuck. I guess it IS a little weird to be calling a 2-month old "Bubba," but we did. His dad and I even made up songs about him, including the word bubba.

Well, he's all grown up now. He's 21, living on his own, and has a baby. He's still my baby, and he's still my Bubba. I love you, Bubba. Have a great birthday, and be safe!

Friday, October 23, 2009

It's the little things

Things can get so frustrating. It's hard to keep the bills paid on time, Kevin's physical situation is getting more frustrating by the minute (that's another post...about today's Dr. visit,) and the weather isn't even a TINY bit friendly to me right now.

It's times like these that I realize how happy I am about the "little things." People sometimes chuckle about how happy I get over the little things. Here are a few from today:

  1. I finally got Constant Contact (an email service) to save my font properly. I cheered when this happened.
  2. I got a great card for Brett this morning. Yes, folks, tomorrow I'll be the parent of a 21 year old. *sigh* Still, finding the perfect card made me happy.
  3. I got to see Kameron when I dropped off his card. I smooched on her real good, and then demanded that they give me time with her! OK, not really, but I asked, and they agreed. We'll have her from tomorrow evening through Sunday evening. Sweet!
  4. I came home to a house full of awesome smells. Kevin had baked marinaded chicken and sides, and it was quite yummy.
  5. I ate the above while sitting in my bed, watching T.V.
  6. I have two days at home, and don't have to leave the house at ALL if I don't want to.
  7. I work with some cool people. They make me laugh and keep me sane. Yeah, you know who you are.
  8. I smell the furnace. Yeah, that probably means the ducts need cleaned, but who cares? It smells WARM!
  9. My mom got a MAC!
  10. My family is funny. Funny and fun.
Yup, it's the little things. I am happy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I like the way he talk, he likes the way I talk...

I love it when Slingblade shows up on a movie channel. SCORE! This is one of the best acted movies EVER. "I like me some of those french fried potaters."

I was merging onto I-70 today, accelerating and checking mirrors. At the same time, I was talking to Kevin (bluetooth headset, don't worry.) All of a sudden (Have you ever heard someone say "all of the sudden?" It's funny, because it's wrong.) Anywho, all of a sudden, I see this white spider crawling down my dash.

Yup, crawling down the dash, quite quickly. I wanted to smash (smoosh?) it, but wound up only brushing it toward the floorboard. Dang. The rest of the drive home, I imagined that I felt it crawling on my leg. I scratched and smacked my leg so many times, the leg fell off. That's right, I am missing my right leg. DON'T PITY ME!

Maybe not, but there's a happy little white spider in my car, planning my demise. Just so you know, I've enjoyed knowing each and every one of you.

Goodnight, and goodbye.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Stuff 'N Stuff

Kevin's home! He came home Sunday evening, after stopping by the store. Yeah, well...I don't shop. Sure, I can stop by the store for something we're out of, but he does the grocery shopping, so I don't kill anyone. Plus, he's better at it.

So, he came home, with groceries, and had a truck full of stuff. One thing that he brought home was his Mom's treadmill. She's had it for a long time, and I don't think she used it much. Hell, she doesn't NEED it much. We, however, are quite round. I always wondered if I'd use one if I had it, but so many people turn them into clothes lines, I didn't want to invest the cash. Anyway, he brought it with him.

I have yet to ask how it works. It's been set up for over 24 hours. TIME! I need TIME! LOL

I got behind someone tonight, on a back road, going 30 in a 55. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? You have GOT to be kidding! Am I on candid camera? 15 minutes later, I finally had the chance to pass, and pass I did. I got home to dinner being ready. *sigh* It's good to have Kevin home. It's good for many reasons, but I don't have to COOK every night.

He has his "second opinion" appointment on Friday. The wheels have been turning VERY slowly. He's been off work since the end of May. It's driving us crazy. He hurts all the time, but can't get help. I hope, after Friday's appointment, we won't have to wait long for the impending surgery.

The last time, the surgeon told him, "I can keep putting you back together, but it's going to be harder each time, with less recovery." By "less recovery," he means that the range of motion is NOT coming back. Kevin is 43. Not 60. He walks like an old man. He feels like an old man. He gets depressed that he can't be the dad that he wants to.

He can't wrestle with the kids. He can't be "happy" all the time, due to pain. Sure, he puts on a good face, and is one of the best husbands/fathers that I've ever seen (he rates up there with my Dad, OK?) but it's a struggle for him. We want normalcy. I guess that's too much to ask.

Monica has her orthopedist appointment on Monday. We'll ask why her patella won't stay where it belongs. She's feeling better by the day, and will probably go to school sans brace tomorrow. Still, even if she feels better, our MEGA, AWESOME, WONDERFUL family doctor wants a specialist to tell us why it keeps happening. (Shout out to Dr. Gunn.)

And here we are. Half the household is hurting. The other half is stepping up to fill in where we can. My baby boy will be 21 on Saturday, proving that I'm old. He wanted a bonfire party at my Dad's, but can't afford to do it. That makes me feel bad. If it was a pay week for me, I'd foot the bill, but it's not. I hope he has a good time, anyway.

Some of this entry sounded depressed or grumbly. Don't get me wrong. We've been able to keep our house so far, and we have internet, satellite, food, heat, and water. Notice that I put the luxuries first? LOL I'm just saying that we're getting by, and I'm happy. I'm happy to have my family around me. It keeps me from dwelling on the bad.

Oh, and as an after thought: My dog smells bad. Anyone wanna drive to the boonies and give my dog a bath? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Monica's knee and a great night

Thursday night, Monica headed down the stairs to go to bed. I heard a loud pop, and she dropped and started screaming. Her knee cap popped out of place. I helped her to bed and gave her some ice. This has happened several times in the past, and by the next morning, she's a bit tender but better.

Not this time. Friday, she woke up saying, "Ouch" and crying. I took Natalie to school, and then Monica and I went to the Dr. We were sitting there when they opened, and they worked us in. He heard the story and looked at her swollen knee and said, "Oh no. I'm not touching this. She needs to see an orthopedist. It is NOT normal for this to happen, and if it's happened several times, you need to find out why." Her appointment is a week from Monday, so for now, she's gimping.

Last night, 4 of my good friends came over for a girl's night in. Melodie rode with me from work, and then we stopped in Oak Grove to pick up Tammy. A quick side trip through Bates City to get Missy, and my Neon full of giggling women came home. A bit later, Rhonda stopped by. She has a margarita recipe with limeade and beer. Weird, but it's a DANG good Marg.

We talked, ate junk food, had some drinks and generally goofed. I hang out with pretty low-key, relaxed people. We just laughed and enjoyed ourselves. I had asked Tammy to bring Apples to Apples with her, so we played that, too. More laughing.

Rhonda went home after a while, and Greg picked up Tammy around midnight. This morning, I woke up around 9:30 and thought that maybe I should get moving. We went out to Mom's (Melodie wanted to see the stuff she reads about in mom's blog.) Then we took Missy home, and headed 4000 miles South to Melodie's place. Maybe not that far, and it's a beautiful drive. The sun even peeked out a few times (for the first time in 7 days.)

I have great friends. Awesome friends. I had an incredible time, and I've been smiling all day, thinking about it. We have to do it again, ladies. But not tonight. LOL I'm in my bed, under a blanket, watching NASCAR Race Day on SPEED, drinking a happy-hour Sonic drink. Ahhh, nothing like 1/2 priced diet cherry Coke.

I'll probably be right here until morning.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Almost time...

Tomorrow, I have friends coming over. Yeah, good friends (is there any other kind?) We'll hang out, eat junk food, drink some adult beverages, and have a real good time.

I'm ready. Let's go!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stuff 'n stuff

We're doing great, here. Kevin is having fun in his home town, and we're getting along just fine here. The girls are really stepping up, doing chores, and helping me.

I was past the last town, on the way home, when Natalie called to tell me that she can get extra credit in Science if she brings a fruit or vegetable tomorrow. No problem, Mom has apples. Natalie says, "Can't I bring a squash?" Ummm, is squash a vegetable? I have NO idea! I stopped at Mom's, and she informed me that it IS a veggie. Did she just tell me that to get me to take a squash out of her closet? Maybe.

Anyway, I got home and started dinner, and Natalie started peeling squash. We've baked it in butter and brown sugar, and it's awesome. I hope her extra credit is worth it. I'm pooped.

Friday, I have friends coming over. I NEVER get to hang with friends, so I'm excited. Missy will spend the night, and Tammy's hubby will pick her up when he gets off work at midnight. I'm begging Melodie to join us, and Rhonda has promised to stop by.

We'll see. I'm hoping they all show up, but I've learned that 1 or 2 will show up if you invite 4-6. That's just how it is. Next time, I'm inviting 10! Or not. LOL

Monday, October 12, 2009

Single Mom Monday-Awesome Daughters

So Kevin has been gone for 4 days, and we haven't self-destructed yet. The girls stayed up until 10 with me last night, yet still got up really great this morning...making life easier.

Tonight, they picked up their rooms, and Natalie got homework done before I got home. I got here and started dinner. While I made the shepherds pie, Monica played guitar and Natalie told stories about her day. It was fun. We sang to the radio and kept things going.

After we ate (the girls LOVE shepherds pie) it was time for them to shower and get ready for tomorrow. I had the notion to bake some cookies for them, since they've been so great. The only thing I had all the ingredients for was Peanut Butter cookies, and I am NOT a fan, so I knew the girls would get all of them.

Cookies done, showers taken, homework filed away, and laundry going: We're getting things done. These girls amaze me, the way they can pull together and help me out. As much as they can bicker when the opportunity arises (any time they're together,) they can sure be a huge asset when I need them.

Thanks, girls. Mom loves you!

Sunday, October 11, 2009


If you receive an email from your mother, asking if you'd like to come over for catfish, you look at your daughter and say, "It's gonna be a good day, tator." OK, it wasn't exactly like that, but I was pretty happy with the thought.

I picked the baby up early this morning, and Natalie and I took her to my Mom and Dad's around 10. (Monica spent the night with a friend.) We hung out for a while, visiting and playing around on the computers. Dad's getting hooked up pretty seriously, now that he is subscribed to some youtube channels.

Soon, Mom said it was time to eat. Here is my plate:
Good stuff, Maynard. I'd love to say I didn't go back for seconds, but I don't want to lie. ::hanging head in shame::

After eating, Kameron enjoyed time with Dad. She's so content to sit and visit. It didn't hurt that he had some pie with whipped topping when she first pulled up to his leg. She relaxed there for a long time.
Later, she went over to visit with Mom. Sadie did NOT want to share HER person with this intrusive baby. She tolerated it for a while, but didn't stick around for long.

I came home and put Kameron down for a nap so that I could concentrate while watching the Chiefs embarrass the game of football. Now, it's the NASCAR race and a countdown until I have to take Kami home. Time flies when she's around.

All in all, a glorious day.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Laughing my fool butt off

My age group grew up singing "Total Eclipse of the Heart" at the top of our lungs. Yeah, it was THE song. Today, I stumbled upon this, and almost died. Literally. I laughed so hard!

Good Golly, I may never recover.

Home alone...for a minute

I always crave quite and alone time. "I wish it could be that way right NOW," I think. And then, when it happens, I'm sad.

Kevin is in Carthage until a week from Sunday. Tomorrow is the golf tournament for the Steve Fierro scholarship fund (putting prospective firefighters through school) and next week is the Maple Leaf Festival. I suggested that he stay for the week, and cut the gas money in half. Also, I knew it would thrill his mother, and it would let him relax for a while.

Anywho, I got home today to an empty house. Natalie is at the football game, and Monica is at a friend's house down the street. Quiet and blissful, right? Nope. I'm lonely. This may be my biggest flaw. (do NOT comment on my bigger flaws, OK?)

Monica just called, however, and asked if her friend could spend the night. (I can still hear her saying it like she did when she was 2-3 years old..."can she spen' a nigh?" *sigh* So they're on the way over here. Natalie will soon be home from the game (I won't let her stay for the whole thing by herself) and this house will be loud and crazy.

As it should be.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Power. I need POWER!

So, here I am. In my warm bed, watching TV with Monica, while she listens to music via headphones. Yes, we are very lazy multi-taskers around here.

Tonight's problem is that I left the power cord to the MAC at work. They were working on stuff up there, plugging and unplugging cords. I finally got my chance to unhook everything and pack it up when someone called my extension. I got up off the floor (where I have to sit to unhook the Mac...don't ask) and got distracted. Rookie mistake.

Now, I have 1 hour left on the battery, and the spare battery is almost dead. How did THAT happen? I think Bentley should give me a spare power cord to leave here. I bet he has 27 of them. Yeah, I bet he does. I also hope he reads this, feels horrible about my plight, and rushes in to work early tomorrow to bring one to me.

Yeah, I'm sure that's going to happen.

Wait, did you just see that pig fly by the window? Satan is complaining about the ice situation, too.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


I am warm.

No biggie? Wrong-o, mister. I am NEVER warm enough. From October 1 until March 31, I am cold. I'm cold at work, I'm cold in the car, I'm cold while watching TV. We keep our thermostat around 68 (propane is expensive!) so I layer up. Still, until I'm under a blanket, I'm cold.

I was cold all day at work (except during my breaks where I went outside and sat in the sun) and I was cold on my way home. If I get the car warm enough for my upper body to be comfortable, my feet are sweating. I get home and freeze on the way into the house. Until I'm in sweats and a sweatshirt, I'm cold.

OK, so I'm home, in my sweats, just fed pizza (in my bed) by hubby, with quilts surrounding me and a warm laptop in my lap. Yes, folks, I'm warm. I have a warm and safe home that many do not have. I appreciate it VERY much more in the winter. Windows that close and an oven to cook my food and a husband who changed my oil, rotated the tires, cleaned out the smokin' hot Neon, and still cooked my dinner.

Thankful. That's the word of the night.

A girl could get used to this.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

You can't get there from here

After work today, I had some errands to run for work. No biggie, get things done, and then get home. Home is always my biggest goal at 5:00. I am that red blur you see on the highway. The smokin' hot Neon gets me home with no help.

Today, though, things had to be done. I needed an iPhone for certain things that I do for work. I got it late yesterday (the boss got a new one, I got's awesome) and we got it reformatted and made it mine. After work today, I was to stop at the ATT store to get the bundle, which includes a case, 2-year warranty, and a car charger. I was also to ask if they could transfer my contacts from my T-Mobile phone. I'm keeping it, but I want my contacts on both.

I stopped at the ATT store, and got the bundle. Feeling proud, I left, and got 9 miles down the road when I realized that I hadn't asked them to transfer my contacts. ARRGGG! OK, I can do that in Blue Springs, while I make my other stop for things for the front counter at work. I thought about it for a while and then got mad.

I got mad at myself. How could I forget to ask them about my phone book contacts? Why did I forget one of only two things that I was to do? I got mad enough that I decided to go home and forget the other errands. I'll do them tomorrow. I'm like that. I get mad at myself and decide to chuck it all. Sue me.

The rest of this won't make sense to anyone that doesn't live around here, so good night:

I took 50 East to hit F and go North to OG. 1/3 mile in, there was a HUGE line of cars, stopped, and a sign saying "One way traffic." Oh, HELL no. I'm NOT sitting for 20 minutes for a mile of rural traffic to go by, just to be stopped again later.

I turned around in a driveway and got back on 50, and then called Kevin. I told him of my plight and said that I'd hit 131. I added that I'd hit D if I saw it in time. He said, "Good luck! It isn't D out there! You need to look for Z." Umm, OK. Whatever. I hung up and saw the sign for Z almost immediately.

I turned on Z, and it was quite a pleasant trip. The trees are changing colors and the road was smooth. I made a quick pit stop at a friend's house, and got to meet her great-nephews. Cool. OK, back on the road. The best thing was that I knew the way from here. I thought.

When I got to I-70, traffic was backed up. Why? Who knows? Anyway, I decided to stay on course and take the dreaded D, North of Bates City. What a hairpin! 2 miles in, I got behind a semi hauling grain. ARRGG! I drove 20-30 mph for a while, until he turned off.

Yes, I *did* finally get home, but I was starting to wonder. From now on, it's Blue Ridge to I-70 to OG. No exceptions! I can take care of the other errands in BS tomorrow. But will I? Depends on my mood.

At least I'm home, and warm, and comfy, and full. I made it, even though you can't get here from there!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Road Kill and Rain

I woke up on time today! It's a glorious thing, to wake up on time. No stressful rushing, no grumbling while I dress, no worry about traffic. No problems!

Today, I left 5 minutes ahead of schedule, and walked out the door into sprinkles. The hard rain was over, but it was misting and sprinkling a bit. No biggie. On the way in, I had a lot of thoughts.

The first 20 minutes of my drive are rural. This is the time of year (like spring) when wildlife is on the move. On the move often requires crossing a road or highway. Today, it was like a slalom course! A raccoon here, a possum there, a couple of squirrels over yonder. Sheesh! The smokin' hot Neon earned it's keep this morning.

It was also dark...and raining. I can drive in the rain, and I can drive in the dark. Both at once, however, mess with my eyes. Lights glare, puddles splash, lanes are invisible. I go a bit slower, and hope that the sky lights up a bit to help. I'd rather not deal with it, frankly.

Anywho, the rain is gone (and I saw an awesome lightning show) and tomorrow will be smooth sailing...

Except for the Road-Kill-Slalom-Course. And the 4702 frogs that died under the tires of my car. Creepy to be inside the Frogger game from the viewpoint of the car.