Sunday, November 28, 2010

Getting Ready for Christmas

The kids put up the tree and I decorated the railing on the front porch. Other than a few decorations around the living room, that's the extent of our decorating. We don't do a huge outside display or anything. It's nice to see other folk's displays, but I don't want to. LOL

Here are some things heard during the afternoon's activities:

"Hey, where's that one chick?" (Monica, referring to Mary in the nativity set.)
"Can we hang the extra ornaments in random places around the house?" (Brett, and no.)
"You can't throw him away just because his arm is broken off!" (Natalie, about a ceramic snowman)
"I lost Jesus! Oh, there he is." (Monica again.)

We also did a lunch assembly line to get lunches ready for tomorrow. Natalie was on sandwich duty, I packed animal crackers, Brett did the chips and Tim gathered supplies and applesauce cups for those who wanted them. It makes things go a lot faster and cuts down on morning craziness.

Thanksgiving at Mom's was great. The food was incredible, we had fun with family, the weather was perfect and everyone seemed to have a good time. We ate too much, but couldn't help ourselves.

Tim took his dog Rayne with us for the first time. I figured she'd do OK, but she surprised us by being great! There were six dogs there, and they all behaved themselves. Mom's dog Iris is doing so much better about being aggressive toward other dogs. They were all mellow and relaxed.

Now, if we can just get Rayne to ride in the back of the truck with Hawkeye, she can make the trip more often. This time, she rode in Brett's car. Kevin and I don't like to haul dogs in the vehicle. Frankly, the dogs around here have FAR too much hair. We'll start Rayne by driving slowly around the neighborhood like we did Hawkeye. Maybe she'll stay put, maybe not. We can only hope.

My shows are reruns tonight, so I'll likely turn in early. I did take a nap today, so we'll see how that goes. I feel so self indulgent when I nap. It was nice. And now, it's time to start another week. It's my turn to work a Saturday, so it'll be a long week, but that's OK. Up to a few years ago, we worked EVERY Saturday in November and December.

I hope everyone has a fabulous week!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

With Some Productivity Mixed In

I *did* get that nap. I *am* watching the race and the Chiefs game. I *have* logged some "sittin' on my butt" time. However, I got some productivity mixed in. I just couldn't let a day this nice go by while I sat inside.

We got rid of the objects that were probably Jack-O-Lanterns a few weeks ago. I'm embarrassed to admit they were still on the front porch, but they were. Yuck. Kevin did that deed for me. Then he hosed off the porch and unhooked the hose to prepare for the cold.

We cleaned the leaves out of the window wells, picked up the yard, stored some outside furniture and just generally cleaned up out there. It looks much better. Since I had momentum, I also cleaned off the back porch. Now I won't feel guilty about sitting some more.

Now we'll work for three days, have a day off (no plans Thursday) and I'll work again Friday. Saturday, we're celebrating Thanksgiving at Mom's. I'll make the green rice, and Kevin will make the sweet potato casserole. We'll eat too much and be miserable for a while. Ahh, the holidays.

OK, I've updated my blog twice in one day. Weird. Back to your regularly scheduled Sunday.

Winter is on the Way

It's going to be in the 60's today. The sun is shining and it's absolutely beautiful. I've seen the long-range forecast, though. It's not pretty. Highs in the 20's, lows in the teens. Burr. I figured that was reason enough to break out the snow template.

We did a big breakfast today. We always do big breakfast on Sunday. Migas, hash browns, bacon, biscuits and sausage gravy. I ate too much, so I was quite miserable while cleaning the kitchen. I'm glad it's done, though. Now I can relax and watch the last race of the year.

I'm in desperate need of a vacation. The problem is, my vacation is 7 months away! I guess I better get over myself, huh? I'm watching Southwest's website for cheap airfare to TX in June. So far, it's $90. I'm thinking we'll fly if we can get tickets for $49 again (or less.) More than that and we'll just drive.

While grating the potatoes for hash browns this morning, I got my knuckle. I've done it before (in fact, I do it almost every time) but this one is different. It's the knuckle of my pinky, and it will NOT stop bleeding. It's been 2 hours, and I've changed the bandage 4 times! LOL What a stupid little thing. Who knew I had a major artery on my knuckle?

I'm thinking there is a nap in my future. I haven't been getting my Sunday naps for the past several weeks. I love my Sunday naps. It also makes it easier to stay up late for my Sunday night shows. It's pretty sad when you need a nap to make it to 10 pm. Does this mean I'm getting old?

Friday, November 19, 2010

27 Things.

  1. Brett brought Kami to see me at work today. Brett, Tim, Kami and I ate lunch together.
  2. Everyone at work thought she was beautiful. They're right.
  3. The sky was amazing this morning AND this evening.
  4. The moon is amazing tonight, too.
  5. Mr. Goodcents makes a wonderful sandwich.
  6. Traffic was terrible tonight.
  7. Propane is expensive.
  8. My car is wonderful. I dearly love it.
  9. My stereo is equally awesome.
  10. Listen to Clay Walker's "Where Do I Go From You." Loud.
  11. Having your 23 month old Granddaughter call you "homie" is more than awesome.
  12. This house is loud.
  13. I hate mornings.
  14. I love Friday evenings.
  15. Friends are incredibly important.
  16. I'm tired.
  17. I'd like to have 12" of snow on the ground with a temperature of 70.
  18. I don't do cold.
  19. I need a haircut.
  20. I can't see past my bangs.
  21. I love my bed. It's warm and comfy and protected from nonsense.
  22. My Daddy is healthy now. I cried when I found out he was fine.
  23. I love new country music. Loud.
  24. I like candles that smell like food. Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon, Apple Pie, etc.
  25. I hate candles that smell flowery. They make my nose hurt.
  26. My house is littered with toys, and it's fine with me.
  27. I'm watching Super Nanny. Those kids are brats, and the parents are morons.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Calgon, Kit Kat, Southwest and BK

Calgon: Take me away.

Kit Kat: Give me a break.

Southwest: Wanna get away?

Burger King: Have it your way.

I wanna be selfish for a minute.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stupid Virus

There is a reason I love Mac. Kevin's PC has a virus that I'm fighting. We thought we made headway Sunday evening, but upon restart, no ground had been gained. We took last night off to celebrate Monica's birthday, so I'm back at it tonight.

I'm stubborn. I'll get it. I just get SO mad about it. I don't understand the mind set of the people who release these things. It's like keying someone's car, TPing a house, or stealing a TV. It's exactly as bad. I don't get vandalism, and I never have.

I work with some pretty smart folks, so each time it doesn't work, I'll have new info to report and new questions to ask. I'll get it, and I refuse to let it cost me a dime. If I pay to have it remove, I feel like the keying, TPing, stealing criminals win. I WILL win this one. Hide and watch, baby. Hide and watch.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Sissy Doll!

15 years ago today, I went to the hospital and came home with Monica. She was such a beautiful baby girl. Before long, though, she started crying. She cried day and night, taking short naps between crying fits. I would walk the floor with her all evening and into the night while Kevin slept. Halfway through the night, Kevin would take over and I would sleep. She cried all.the.time.

When she learned to sit up, she was happy! For about 2 weeks. Then she started crying again. She cried and cried until she learned to scoot around. Mobility made her happy. For about 2 weeks. Then, the crying started again. Finally, she learned to walk. The crying was over. We figure that she was crying because she knew what she wanted to do, and her body wouldn't do it yet.

After she was a year old, we could tell she was different. This was the smartest little girl I'd ever been around. She potty trained early, started reading early, wrote her name crazy early and was tuned in to every word that anyone said. I remember driving into Kansas City with mom in the passenger seat and Monica in the back seat. I told Mom, "Sometimes, she's so smart it's scary." That little 18 month old girl said, "Raawwrrrr!" like a monster. Yup, she was listening.

Now, that baby girl is 15. It's time to get her driver's permit. She's in high school. She's a beautiful young woman, still as smart as anyone I know, and funny, too. She's jumpy and easy to startle if you need entertainment. She's unique and strong-willed and kind hearted. She worries too much, stands up for the under dog, and plays guitar like nobody's business.

She likes the Beatles and Green Day and chocolate. She keeps her room messy and spends too much time getting ready for school and can sleep for 14 hours in a stretch on the weekends. She works hard in June and July and saves her money for something important to her. She likes to bake but not to clean up the kitchen.

In many ways, she's a typical teenager. In many MORE ways, though, she's totally individual. Her hair color and style changes frequently, but not to match others around her. It changes with her whim. She can pull it off, too. Even when I botch a dye job, she likes it, styles it, and it's cute. She doesn't let ANYONE mess with her family. Some day, this girl will rule the world.

Happy Birthday, Monica. I love you.

Shock and Awe

Kevin does the grocery shopping for this family. I hate doing it, and he doesn't mind. Sometimes I'm with him, but I wander around the store aimlessly while he does the shopping. Since he was in Carthage for the weekend, I decided I'd do it today. Wow.

Walking into the store, I saw 4-packs of Green Giant vegetables for $2. "No way!" I though. I knew that I could get the generic a lot cheaper. I got all of the non-grocery stuff and got depressed about how expensive things seemed. Then, on to the grocery section.

Everything seemed very high priced. The more I shopped, the more my heart (and wallet) sank. When I got to the vegetable aisle, I went straight toward the generic cans. $.76 each? WHAT? When did THAT happen? Forget that!

I finished shopping eventually. It took an extra cart to haul everything out to my car. I spent way more than I'd intended, but we hadn't really done a big grocery run in a couple of weeks. I called Kevin and asked, "When did everything get so expensive?" He laughed at me and said that he knew about it.

I guess it's been longer than I thought since I've gone grocery shopping. I think I'll leave it to Kevin. Oh yeah, and Dear WalMart, I hope you're happy. You kept a LOT of my paycheck today. I don't like you. Sincerely, Rachel.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Working on a Saturday

I have to work until 2 today, and there isn't much going on. I've had a chance to catch up on a lot of work that is hard to accomplish when things are crazy. This will help me come in on Monday to a clean slate.

Kevin and Monica headed South to attend his Grandma's birthday party. That leaves me, Natalie, Brett, Tim and Kameron here. The rest of the crew will meet me after work and we'll run some errands. I need to hit Sam's club for some animal crackers and cocoa almonds.

It's turned quite cold, and I plan to spend the rest of my weekend in the house. Chiefs play at the same time as the race, so I'll be channel flipping tomorrow afternoon. I also have a ton of shows on DVR from working 13 hour days this past week. That is what I'll occupy myself with tonight.

Yes, I love weekends. Even if I have to work a few hours, I love the laid back feeling of no schedule. I hope yours is awesome, too!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

It's a Boy! (again)

Brett will be living here for a while. Brett and Tim get along great (too great...they pick on me!) so that is good. There have been rough dealings in the past, but everything is out front now, so we are planning for smooth sailing.

Tomorrow, we're going to Tammy and Greg's for the Chiefs game. They are really putting on a spread, so I won't eat too much in the morning. LOL I'm excited to go over there, and so are the girls. It's been too long since we've hung out at their house. Good food is only a bonus!

Kami is awesome, and I am glad that she's here this weekend. Next weekend will call us out of town, so I would have freaked if we'd waited 3 weeks between visits. LOL You might say I'm a tad addicted. She has that affect on people.

On a final note: I wish SNL was still good.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Grandbabies, Prison, Cookies and Long Weekends

Brett and Kami came to spend the weekend. Treat! I won't get Kami next week, since we're going to Carthage, so I'm happy that I got to rock her to sleep tonight and I'll get to spend tomorrow with her.

This has been an exhausting week, and I'm glad it's over. I'll be refreshed and ready to solve the world's issues on Monday. Now? I'm tired. I'm watching prison shows and relaxing. LOL That's how I relax, OK?

Monica is spending the weekend at a friend's house, and Natalie has a district choir thing tomorrow so she went to bed early. Kevin gets to work tomorrow (Yeah OT!) which leaves me, Brett and Tim awake. I baked some cookies for the boys. The house smells wonderful! I wish I liked cookies more.

Hey! We all get an extra hour this weekend! Happy Days!