Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Natalie is un-grounded.  I was aggravated that I couldn't work at home, but then I realized that I shouldn't try.  Home time is time for family.  No more homework.  If I need to do something, I'll work longer hours.  That's what I did today.  I went in early (arrived at 6:40) and got it done.  Phew!  

Jonathan (our eldest, at 22) is at a concert in KC, so they're going to stay here tonight.  They won't arrive until long after we're in bed, but at least they have a free place to crash.  That's way better than trying to drive 3 hours home after a concert.  Kevin, Brett, and the girls all got to see him.  I likely won't.  I'm just glad that they have a soft place to land.

I am going to Nashville.  Yeah, I am.  I will go to work on Thursday, and leave midday.  We'll land, check in to the hotel, change clothes, and meet with a potential customer at 4.  Then, we do dinner with this customer and another.  Friday morning, we meet with the second customer in his studio.  Friday night, I'm free.

Anyone in Nashville interested in dinner Friday night?

Saturday, I come home early-mid afternoon.  When I get here, most of the GREAT VEHICLE SHUFFLE will be done, and I'll have my shiny red Neon.  I cannot WAIT!  I will have MANY pictures to post.  It is so pretty.  I will look awesome in that car.  I'm just sayin'.

Brett's job is to start on Monday.  I thought he'd start tomorrow, but he got the drug test done today, so he'll be there Monday morning, with bells on.  Not really.  Brett doesn't look good in bells.  He'll be there, ready to work.  Whatever.

So, I did great in the classes that I taught, and shouldn't have worried, but there were so many changes that I was concerned.  It went fine, and I made it happen.  I don't want to do them with that much stress again, but I'm once again confident that I can BS my way through anything.

That sums up my life.  I BS through what I'm unsure about, and the rest is golden.  I'm good at what I do.  That's a good feeling.  My job is secure.  That's a good feeling.  I'm going to Nashville.  Dinner? 


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Hollie said...

You are truly blessed!