Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More updates

I am packing for the Nashville trip.  We're leaving tomorrow and getting back on Saturday.  I think I'm going to get to hang out with Sonya and Traci!  WooHoo!  Pictures WILL be taken.  I can't wait.

I will get the car on Saturday, but Kevin will have to keep it on Monday to get it tagged. Dang.  Oh well, I can show it off on Tuesday.  It's a 98 Neon (7 years newer than my car) and is quite cute.  

OK, sitting here isn't helping me get my bag packed.  I'll check in tomorrow night from Nashville.  Actually, it's a suburb, but I've forgotten the name of the place.  *sigh*  My memory is crap.  Or carp.  Or something.


Donna said...

Scotty and Trevor are coming out Saturday to sight in some guns. If Keven, Brett and the girls would like to come for dinner, I'm fixing a roast. And cheesecake of course, since it's Scotty coming.

Hollie said...

I'll be expecting the pictures. Have fun. Tell your Mom I'm coming to eat with her too. LOL

Pamela said... can hang out with THEM this month. But, next month you are MINE!! Can't wait to meet you! We're gonna have a blast!