Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happenings 'round here...

Life is crazy and fun and busy, and there is a lot that I haven't shared.  Here are the major points:

Brett's good job ended.  He didn't lose his job.  He still knows where it is. (ROFLMBO!)  The job left town, and he wasn't chosen to join them in the next city/state.  His home was wrapped up in his job, so with the loss of job became a loss of home.  We agreed that he would stay here for one month, rent free, and if more time was needed, we'd make arrangements.

It's nice to have him around again, and it's nice to have the fun of seeing Kameron every other weekend.  So far, things are going well with this arrangement.

Monica has a head cold, with a bit of a sore throat to go with it.  The sore throat is from drainage, I'm sure, since she keeps honking her nose.  We'll just keep her hydrated and get her to bed early, and fight it off.

Natalie is doing well, and from what I saw with Kami this weekend, she's gonna make a great momma some day.  She is willing to love on the baby, carry the baby, and talk to the baby...even when said baby is asleep.  LOL

Kevin has a doctor's appointment tomorrow, to see if his shoulder is torn up again.  I pray that it's not.  If it is, he'll get patched together once again (tons of pain and lost work,) and we'll wait another year for everything to be settled.  If it's NOT torn up, his settlement hearing will go on as planned, next Tuesday.  ::crosses fingers::  

I am super busy at work, but still loving my job.  I leave in the WEE hours of Saturday for Myrtle Beach, S.C.  I will get home late Monday night, and take Tuesday as a vacation day.  After working 1 1/2 days, I leave midday Thursday for a customer visit in South Missouri, and return Friday night. 

After that, we get Kami again, and Grammy will come up to visit, and get to know this wonderful baby.  Grammy?  Meet Kami.  Kami? Grammy.  ROFL  I crack me up.

Hawkeye is showing his age more every day, and that may help to explain the reaction I had when I read the latest post by my buddy, Russ.  Good golly, I bawled like a baby.  At 6 in the morning, surfing the web, I had a breakdown that lasted a long time.  Russ?  I love ya buddy.  What a crappy ordeal.

OK, time to get the girls ready for bed, kiss my dog goodnight, and do some laundry.  Not necessarily in that order.  Well, probably in that order.  Maybe not.  Why do I think you care which order I'll do these things in?  I'm just wasting precious kilobytes now.  It's out of control.  Someone should stop me.  Seriously.  I think that....

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Traci said...

I hope your Myrtle Beach trip is lovely. I know you don't get to really visit but the change of scenery must be nice.