Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My dear Father, the eternal smart-ass

I love candles.  Especially Vanilla scented candles.  I burn candles all the time.  They are wonderful.  I am hooked, OK?

So my parents, apparently (LOL, apPARENTly) got a new sofa today.  Theirs is in great shape, and WAY better than ours, so when it was offered, I accepted graciously.  Dad brought it over, and Brett helped him bring it in.

When they got it in, they had to turn in on it's front, to put the legs back on.  As it got near the TV (covered in burning vanilla votives) Dad said, "Whoa, don't catch it on fire!"  I told Brett to blow them out.  He did, and Dad said,

"What's with all the candles?  Did somebody die?"

Sheesh.  Can't you just give me cool free stuff, without busting my chops?


I love my Daddy.


Donna said...

I love your daddy too.

Hollie said...

LOL...that's great about the new sofa!!!

Pamela said...

LOL your Dad is funny! Glad you got a "new" couch!

Traci said...

Take a picture of the new couch! We'll need something to talk about! NOT!

Amy said...

Jesse does the same thing when I'm in candle mode. "Are we in church or are we sacrificing somebody....what's going on..."

Celeste said...

Me thinks you are a lot like your daddy