Friday, February 20, 2009


The car that I want is red.  I want that little red car.

Brett has a job.  Full time, temp-to-hire, starting Wednesday.

Natalie has troubles with a kid in her class.

Monica is reading while taking on the phone.  How does that work?

Hawkeye ran across the street in front of a car.  He's >this<> close to being chained up out there.

Simba got out for over 2 hours last night, but is inside and safe now.

Kami will meet her Dad's parent's tomorrow.  We'll see how THAT goes.

I can't get images off the S5 without a card reader.

I'm tired.


Celeste said...


Rachel said...

Hawkeye is my dog. Kevin is a M*A*S*H freak.

Donna said...

But is Hawkeye OK?

Rachel said...

Yeah, he's fine. But I crested the hill to see him run across 224 in front of a car. Ticked me off, so I didn't speak to him until today. Do you think it made a difference? Nope. He told me that he doesn't care what I think. Jerk.

Amy said...

I have some cold beer in the fridge. When shall i expect you?