Saturday, February 21, 2009

I'm weak.

Back in August, I cut our Dish Network programming WAY back.  I was going to cancel, but they have me a super-sweet deal on minimal channels for 9 months.  I hated missing my pre-race stuff on Speed channel, but I dealt with it like an adult.

NASCAR is back on now, and I've been moping about missing the Saturday races (the cup races are on network channels, so no problem) and today, I upgraded to get my channels back.  *sigh*  I am weak.

Kevin's weak, too!  He realized that we could have the Encore movie package for only $9 more than what I was getting, so guess what he's watching in the other room.  LOL  We'll just have the kids skip a few meals here and there to pay for our entertainment.  Fair, right?

Oh well.  The deal I made was for 9 months, and I made it for 6 1/2.  It could have been worse.  I tell myself that it's OK because we don't go out to movies.  We don't go out to dinner.  We just don't spend much on entertainment.  Now go away and leave me alone.  I have some pre-race nonsense to watch.


Astaryth said...

Phhhhhtttt! I'm way weaker than you. I could just use dial-up for my internet, but I pay for a satellite dish just for that. (We live waaay out in the boonies. Our choices are dial-up or satellite period) Seriously, I could do without internet access. Think of all of the extra time I would have........ Yeah, right! I would have to take my laptop and go to town and find an open wi-fi spot. I would be like a junkie trolling for a fix! ;p

Donna said...

As long as you can pay your bills, who cares?

Lindie said...

beans and rice, rice and beans. Can be very good! you did just fine!

Celeste said...

Beans, rice or cornbread, cheap meal, good food and great TV! LOL. Been thinking of getting a dish for us.