Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Blown away

Sure, yesterday's post was quite the downer. I am an optimist, so I don't usually blog the bad stuff. I know that things will look up soon enough, so why bother. I was quite down yesterday, though, and just needed to purge.

The comments (on facebook, where this blog is mirrored) blew me away. I know that my friends, both irl and online, are caring people, but I couldn't believe it. Also, I got many facebook messages.

Then, there were the conversations that I had at work today. I work with some AMAZING people. That's all I'm going to say about that. So many well-wishes and offers of help. I declined all help offers, though. Partly because I'm on the "proud" side, but mostly because I am seeing some light at the end of the tunnel.

(Kevin always says that the light at the end of the tunnel is a gorilla holding a flashlight. Kevin's the pessimist.)

I cried several times today, but they were tears of gratitude. You guys are awesome. I know that you're awesome, but days like today just solidify it for me. You rock.

Kevin's attorney called again today. I can't say a lot about things, because we're afraid that "they" will stumble upon this little piece of the internet and if I word something wrong, well, who knows what could happen? If you want details, email or message me and I'll fill you in. It's looking up, though. People find this blog, remember?

Another thing that happened today was a TON of invitations to Thanksgiving dinner. Yes, my family is gone until Sunday. Yes, I am home alone. No, I am not depressed about it. If I want to be with other folks, I'll go to Mom and Dad's tomorrow. Also, I WILL get my Thanksgiving dinner, it will be on Sunday at Mom's.

If I choose to hang out and enjoy a quiet day, I can do that. If I need company, I will go to Mom's. I can do whatever I want tomorrow, and that is groovy. Thank you, though. It's just one more thing that I have to be thankful for. I have friends who would invite me to a holiday dinner with their FAMILY. Wow.

I don't want to take ANYTHING away from what my friends and coworkers have said and done today. It was amazing. However, I have to mention that I have CUSTOMERS who are praying for us. This isn't just a job.

No, there is NO way I can say "it's just a job." I have an awesome job, that I love, and I love who I work for. The absolutely amazing customers? That's a bonus. A wonderful and perfect bonus.

Thanks to all for the prayers. Thanks to all for the invitations. Thanks to all for the offers of help.

Thanks. We'll be fine. And I love you.


Donna said...

Will be anxious to know what the lawyer said.

Sonya said...

Glad you are looking on the positive side of things and that the lawyers are looking into some things. Happy Thanksgiving! I too hate that you are alone for the holiday but hey, maybe you will enjoy some down time and like you say - Your Momma is there for ya! And might as well know you can come to Columbia,TN with us if you want! lol What's one more invite to add to the list. ha.