Saturday, November 28, 2009

5 Years of Mindless Drivel

Today is my fifth anniversary as a blogger. I started over on AOL Journals. Mom had been doing it for a while, and I wanted to give it a whirl. If I ever had any secrets before, they ended with that journal. By coincidence (not,) my first post was about Kevin and the girls being gone on Thanksgiving weekend, and me being bored and lonely.

I think it's important to use such a big milestone for the greater good. This is my chance to help mankind, and that's just what I plan to do.

I don't have a dishwasher, and I don't have an ice maker, and I don't have many other things that most of you think necessities. I'm OK with that. No ice maker, though, means we have to fill ice cube trays and empty them into the ice bin. An easy task, really.

I needed new ice cube trays, so last weekend, we bought some new ones. Total. Pieces. Of. Crap.

I already broke one. Sorry. I was being silly. Yup, I applied a twisted motion to try to get the FREAKING ice out. Back to the ice cube tray store. I wonder if they still make those metal ones with the handle thingie that we had when I was a kid?

So, for the fifth anniversary of this informative jewel on the net that is my blog, I'd like to caution all (both) of my readers to NOT buy an ice cube tray that looks like the image above.

The End.


Anonymous said...

I have some really old fashioned ones with the metal lift handle & I will mail them to you if you would like them. They will last forever.

Sherry said...

I am one of your many readers ......... lol you know you have more than 2.... hugs, and by the way I miss aol journals...... Sherry

Donna said...

I think you need to go to Target to buy your ice cube trays.

David said...

Thank you for the PSA, Rachel. My life would be completely empty without reading about ice cube tray ratings from such an informative journalist such as yourself. Heck, you oughta' be on the local news. :P

Bentley said...

we need a pic of the broken tray as proof of their inadequacy

Rachel said...

Mary, I may just take you up on that. Thanks for listening.

Sherry, awesome! You make 3!

Mom, does Target have decent ones?

David, public radio in TX takes little more than the ability to speak, right? (joking!)

Bentley, I threw it out in a fit of rage before thinking about this post, and I only dumpster dive if there is something REAL good in there.

Debbie said...

Congrats on 5 years of blogging! I'm one of your lurkers and though I don't comment I do enjoy your entries.

I don't have all that fancy stuff other people have either. I tried those cheapy ice trays and had the same problem you're having. The ones I use now aren't the old metal ones but the kind that came out in refrigerators after they did away with the metal ones that are a thick plastic. I found all of mine at yard sales and latched on to everyone of them I ran across. Good luck finding some good ones.

Astaryth said...

And I think I have been reading you for almost the whole 5 years! AND, enjoying every minute.

Sonya said... would think they would test market these things. Is it from China or something?

Rhianna said...

We have the same ice trays and I will 2nd the THEY SUCK motion.

Heather said...

I wanted one of those old fashion ones forever. I finally found one at the Goodwill. We don't use it though. It's on display...

We are spoiled by the ice maker. When we didn't have one, I would go to get ice only to find that the trays were empty. DROVE ME INSANE.