Thursday, November 12, 2009

Thursday's Thug

This week's Thursday Thug is someone with no name. Oh sure, I'm sure he HAS a name, but I don't know it.

I was in Quik Trip on the way to work, and MT (Mr. Thug) appeared from nowhere. MT had a zipper-type sweatshirt on, with the hood up. He also wore either midget jeans, or VERY long shorts. It was hard to tell. The waist band was just below his butt, and the bottom of the legs was below the calf. Orange boxers were visible by 6".

It's not just the clothing. I work in RAYTOWN, for heaven's sake. I'm used to the clothing. This thug, though, came in using one hand for his cell phone, and the other to hold up his pants. He held his pants up by a hand full of denim in the CROTCH region. Nice, asshat.

MT pushed passed an elderly lady to get in the door. He spent 3-5 minutes more than necessary at the coffee machines because he was distracted by his phone conversation. He spilled his first cup, trying to put a lid on it with one hand, while his pants slipped lower. He refilled without cleaning up his mess, and sat the phone down to put a lid on it...while it sat in a puddle of coffee from the first attempt.

Heading toward the cashier, with coffee dripping from the bottom of his cup (from the previous spill,) MT cut in front of a pregnant lady, and was $.13 short. The cashier said, "It's OK, buddy. I got it." Thug just shrugged, grabbed his drippy coffee cup (leaving a smear across the counter) and walked out, bumping into a beautiful little girl who appeared to be around 3.

Yo, Dawg? Yo white ass need a be kicked, yo! Useless waste of oxygen. Also, a typical Raytown QT customer. I love that store, and I love where they're located, and I love the employees. The customers, though? *sigh* Questionable at best.


Donna said...

Excellent post!

Rhianna said...

Just wanted to let you know I tagged you for an award. Stop by my blog to pick up the tag if you'd like.

Lindie said...

Didn't you want to trip him?