Monday, November 2, 2009

My daily post

I've been so neglectful of my poor little blog. As I was thinking about the fact that I should blog more, I saw several references to Nablopomo. I'm in. I can't promise that I'll blog daily, but I plan to try. Heck, I'm almost up to my 5 year blogiversary!

It was awesome to drive to work with a beautiful sunrise to my left, and a huge moon setting to my right. The pictures didn't do it justice (I can NOT get a good shot of the moon...EVER) so I shan't post them. At least it made ME happy, right?

I kicked BUTT today. Kicked butt and took names. Yeah, I love it when a day feels like that. It wasn't fun to leave work in the dark, but at least I could drive home remembering that beautiful sunrise that I would have missed, if it hadn't been for the time change.

Oh yeah, the trip home? Every light was green, and the traffic was "Monday light." Traffic is always better on Monday. I got home 10 minutes early! Yes, I still drove for 50 minutes, but 10.Minutes.Early. SCORE!

OK, there's my Monday entry. I'm off to do VERY important things like squash my husband's FARKLE score. It's why I strive for daily. Now, you understand why I walk through life disappointed. LOL He gets me EVERY week!


Sonya said...

Glad you had a butt kicking, name taking, sunrise watching kind of day....


Anonymous said...

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