Sunday, November 29, 2009

Thanksgiving Day

Finally, I got my Thanksgiving dinner. Boy oh boy, was it worth the wait. Mom has outdone herself again.
Kevin and the girls got home today, and it's about time. It was so quiet and lonely around here. Now we're back to 3 TVs being on in various rooms, and sounds coming from the computers (other than mine.) Yup, all is right with the world. Just ask Hawkeye. He's content for the first time in 5 days.

Most of the leftovers came home with us, so I'll be all set for lunch tomorrow...and then some. I had stuffing and green rice for dinner just now. It takes a while for me to get sick of this stuff. Happy belly.

OK, off to get ready for my Sunday night shows. I'm a happy girl.


Donna said...

Hey, Hawkeye was not only happy that day he spent here, he was ECSTATIC! I realize he's paying for it now, but he got to drag dead deer parts around, hump Buddy, wade into the pond up to his belly, and chase Sadie (much to her dismay).

Rachel said...

If I'm going to call him Hawkeye the Wonder Dog, you can't be letting everyone know the disgusting habits he has. At least you didn't mention that he licks his...oh, never mind.

Vicki said...

Great looking turkey, you and your Mom crack me up. Enjoy the leftovers and the memories. Vicki

Heather said...

That turkey looks fab!

It's good to have the whole family home, even if they are in separate rooms, isn't it? I love it.