Monday, September 21, 2009

Jekyll Island, Day 3

So, today was fun. I cannot believe what happened, as the result of yesterday's blog entry! Are you ready for this?

During the trade show, this lady came over and asked, "Are you Rachel?" Ummm, OK? She had a name tag on with "Jekyll Island Convention Center" on it. She said, (are you ready for this?) "My manager saw your blog, and there are some problems with your booth?" WTH???

I said that I was fine, I had just mentioned the lack of carpet. She said that they don't DO carpet at this show, so I pulled out my paperwork. The page that mentions carpet and vacuuming is supposed to be with the folks at convention in Texas. When I saw "Texas" on it, I said, "Oh, that's what it is. I'm not supposed to have this page. No worries."

She asked about the electric, too. I said, "I needed it really bad, but he had me hooked up before the show started, so problem solved." I also explained that most of the problems that I've had here are on ME and circumstances out of human control, and assured her that I was NOT mad. She seemed relieved.

I told her that this blog is for me to explain everything that goes right, and everything that goes wrong. If you can't laugh at life's oops moments, what else can you do? I delight in laughing at my mishaps. I like to make people laugh, and all they have to do is see a bit of my life, and they'll laugh!

Me and the other venders around my booth all had a great laugh about my power. I told them that, now that this manager had read my blog, my readership had doubled! Now it's him AND my mom. LOL They said things like, "You're so powerful!" and "Wow, they didn't know who they were dealing with!"

Later, that same lady came back and gave me a canvas bag with Jekyll Island on it, a poster, and a seafood cook book. Wow, now I was feeling guilty! I said, "I'm fine! I'm not mad!" I felt bad that they were trying so hard to make amends for a problem that didn't really exist. I feel I owe them.

Attention: Manager of the Jekyll Island Convention Center. Ya'll did great. I was treated well and with respect by every member of your staff. You went above and beyond. You have a friggin' ocean outside of your windows! What more could I ask for? Thank you for your hospitality. Just do something about the humidity and this will be Eden.

OK, there. It's all I can do to fix the problem, but it's also all I did to cause it. LOL

Tonight, some awesome customers and another vendor (rock on, Magnolia Frames!) went to a home on St. Simon's Island. Tim and Michelle Brown are awesome, and Michelle's Dad went out and caught fresh fish this morning, to feed US in THEIR home! We had amazing boiled shrimp, grilled fish, sauteed fish, the best salad in the world, ratatouille, hot bread and more....OMG! It was FABULOUS! The company was pretty rockin', too.

Lonnie and Yvonne, Dean and Tracy (Traci?), Tim and Michelle, Karen and Buddy, and Pat and Jim made my night awesome. I'm sore, exhausted, homesick, and tired of sweating: A wonderful trip. LOL Seriously, this has been great.

Can't wait to be home tomorrow, though.


Amy said...

Why can I imagine you in your room singing "I got the power!"? ;-P

Donna said...

It's "The power of the blog"!

Remember, I got service from Embarq because of an entry. Also $25 taken off a bill to make up for my inconvenience.

Never got anywhere with Blue Springs Walmart, though.