Saturday, November 7, 2009

Where I'm from

I spent all day at Mom and Dad's yesterday. Dad and Uncle Don were working on a tractor. I watched. Sounds riveting, huh?

Seriously, though, it was so funny to watch them and listen to them. Uncle Don has a VERY colorful vocabulary, and I occasionally send the girls away until a particular tirade is over.

I wanted to shoot a video for Jim when Dad started the Oliver, since it was rumored Jim was impressed with their speedy progress. This videography masterpiece has a great ending, which demonstrates Uncle Don's vocabulary, as well as leaving you hanging at the end, with the possibility for a sequel:


Donna said...

Dang it, I came rushing to your blog thinking you had done that "where I'm from" exercise. All I got was a rerun. ROFL.

Remo said...

Thanks to working on my girlfriends small tractor, I "get it" now. I already had the vocabulary - I was just missing the tractor.