Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday football

This little town is kicking butt in football this year! We just beat an undefeated team, 29-0 in the quarter finals! Next weekend is the semi-finals against another undefeated team. Our boys look SO good.

Some friends met us in the parking lot and we tailgated a bit. We didn't spend a ton of time out there, since the stands were filling fast, but it was fun to tailgate at a high-school game. I've never done that. I'm not sure any of us had, but it was fun.

Mom went with us, too, and joined in the tailgating for a bit. She headed in before us, to relieve her knees a bit and get a seat before it was too late. It was cold out there, but not miserable. Mom looked at the roster and announced that the last names hadn't changed since I was in school 22 years ago! LOL She's right. People tend to not leave, or to come back like I did. Funny stuff.

Now, I'm home and warm, and watching Carl Edwards lead the Nationwide race. Yeah, life is just fine. Kevin's on his way home from taking Kameron back home. We had a good day with her, and she was SO good at the game. I couldn't believe that a 10 month old could sit still for so long, bundled in blankets and just being content. She even napped a bit, while cheering went on around her.

It was great to see so many friends from school. Rhonda, Tina, Missy, Lisa, Chris, Kandra, Karla, Jimmy, Tracy, Lori...I know I'm forgetting a ton of folks, and I'm sorry, but it was awesome! Next week, I'll be prepping the bonfire, so I won't make the game. I hope the game is early enough in the day that some of the attendees can get out to Mom's for the party.

Speaking of which, we're going to Melodie's tomorrow (work friend) to pick up some fire wood. Dad has some, but I don't know how much he has that is seasoned, and I don't want to rob mom of all her fire-pit wood. We'll use some of dad's, but not a ton. Melodie is going to BYOB to this party....Bring Your Own Bonfire! LOL

OK, I'm rambling, so I'm out. Gotta finish thawing my buns. That's the only thing that's still cold. Metal bleachers, you know. TMI? Sorry.

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