Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday's Thug

So, how do you get your mail? In this little town, we must pick it up at the post office. There is no delivery in town. In the country, however, you have a real postman deliver your mail. Ask Mom. It's true!

In Marion, IA, the postal worker was making her rounds, and due to her blood-alcohol content, decided it was time for a snack. According to this article, she entered the home of an elderly lady, sat down on the floor, and started chowing down on leftover noodles from the fridge.

WTH? I'll leave you some cookies for Christmas...IN THE MAILBOX! Don't DARE come into my house, uninvited, for a snack. Dry up, goof ball. I'd shoot you if you walked into my home. Seriously. Shoot. You.

I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Good Gawd. That's just uncsonsionable, for a postal worker to behave that way.

I mean, who the hell eats someone else's leftovers? Can't you find something fresh to cook? OMG LOL!!!! :P @ Rachel's hip mom.

Traci said...

Ours is delivered to our mailbox at the end of our very short driveway. No more walking mailmen here. I grew up with a mailman who walked his route. Our extremely lazy mail carrier wouldn't deliver certified mail to our door recently. Both cars in the driveway, Saturday morning. Left us a "sorry we missed you" card in the mailbox. At least she didn't eat the pizza in the fridge!