Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not the same ol' hotel

This is NOT the same place that I've spent the past 3 days.  No, my friends, this is not the same place at all.

We started our evening with dinner here:

It was heavenly and wonderful and awesome and...never mind.  Cassie and I had calamari, and then shared an entree.  Good thing we shared.  We both brought back a to-go box!  There isn't a refrigerator in the room, so we're trying to keep it cold with ice in the sink.  We both know that our husbands would love it.  Here's hoping it works.

Upon checking into our room, we saw that we have comfort again!  WooHoo!  Look, Amy, pillows galore!  I love Marriott.  They always take good care of me.  

Cassie's bene fighting a sore throat and laryngitis on this trip, and tea seems to help soothe it a bit.  The other hotel had no tea in the room, but this one offers TWO varieties.  Cool.

Our view is just a parking lot, but even that has some beautiful trees to look at.

Finally, I leave you with something that you've grown accustomed to.  Sorry.


Lisa said...

Very nice, a huge improvement over the last place, Hugs Lisa

Anonymous said...

We are ready for you to come back now. Miss ya! Michelle

Traci said...

Wouldn't be a trip without the required photos!

Sonya said...

Glad this hotel was much much better. I liked the looks of that comfy bed.