Monday, March 16, 2009

My life of crime.

I was robbed the other night.  I was so ticked.  I swore to find the offending person and kick their ass.

Apparently, though, the horrible deeds wore off on me.  I robbed someone today.

You see, I was on the way home when I realized that I forgot to stop at the store for something.  We've been out for a week or more.  I forgot, and I was almost home, so I decided to stop by my parents and just ask for some.

My parents were gone.  LONG gone, as was the Gold Wing.  They were nowhere to be found, so what was I to do?

That's right, I did it.  I took them.  I took a big ol' handful, and didn't even leave a note.  My guess is: they'll never know.  If they do, it will surprise me.

If Mom hasn't guessed by tomorrow evening, I'll tell ya what I stole.  Please don't call the cops.  The $$ total was under $.10.


Hollie said...

LOL...I'm trying to figure out what it could be.

Donna said...

I ain't missed a thing. So keep it and don't worry about it.

Remo said...

Are they back yet?

Are you taking orders? I'm fresh out of Jack Daniels.

Traci said...

Goodness, first your radio and now this. What is your town coming to?!