Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Road Closed

We've had some rain and thunderstorms lately.  I saw a wrecked car where it often floods on my way to work.  All that remained of the flood was thick, goopy mud.  My car is NOT so pretty right now.  

When I came home, more and more areas were flooded.  Two of the bridges that I cross had water nearly touching the bottom.  Wow.  Ponds are full and yards are soggy.  Water pools on the sides of the road, and it's nasty wet everywhere.

Then, closer to home, where it ALWAYS floods, I saw this (click to make larger):

Road closed?  Ya think?  Why do you suppose it's closed?

Yeah, when the yellow lines disappear into the water, it's a bad sign. 

Actually, that isn't in my path.  I turn off this road about 1/8 mile before this spot.  Thank goodness, because it ALWAYS floods.  I drove between the barriers to go take these pics.  I put my life and limb in great danger to get these pictures for you people!  Do you understand how horrible it was for me?

OK, not really.  I actually drove down there, took the pics, and reversed about 2 city blocks to a driveway.  I never drive through standing water.  Especially in a Dodge Neon.  Not a good plan.  I'm just sayin'.


Donna said...

Great pictures!

Hollie said...

You know....I think that road just might be closed! LOL

Lisa said...

A good idea not to drive through the water.... we had to take a detour lastnight to get home from my son's team banquet when an explosion happened....
have a great week ahead and thanks for sharing!
Lisa in KY

Lindie said...

I noticed yesterday afternoon how many roads were closed north of Oak Grove and all around Grain Valley! Water sure rose!

Mellow Mel said...

That kinda looks like our creek during floody rain season lol

Celeste said...

looks like my driveway sometimes.