Saturday, March 28, 2009

My calendar says it's Spring.

The weather-guessers were predicting Snowageddon, so we knew it wouldn't do anything much.  Woke up to light rain, and decided that Kevin, Natalie and I would go to Independence and eat at On the Border (Monica was at a friend's.)  I had a gift card from my birthday, and I love free lunch.

We scoffed at the Snownami threat, and headed out.  At Big Lots, we bought a $100 set of T-Fal cookware for $60.  My pots and pans are old and sad, but still have some life in them, so they become Brett's.  Finally, after wasting enough time to let OTB open for the day, we headed that direction.  The rain had picked up a bit, but still no snow or ice.  HA!  Stupid weather dudes!

I scoff at you!  I win!  I got to eat out and run errands and did NOT let you scare me into staying home!

OK, then we stopped at WalMart (or hell, whatever) to buy a gallon of paint.  Natalie really wanted to paint her room, and Kevin said he'd help her if she'd help him gut the room completely and deep clean it first.  She agreed, so we went in.  The rain was harder, and cold, but still no snow, stupid TV freaks.

When we came out of Walmart, the rain was large, slushy and weird.  Hmmm.  We should get home, just in case they're right.  We hit the road, and as we drove up the on-ramp, we saw cars already in ditches.  Kevin thinks that the first one to wreck, before it gets real bad, must be as embarrassed as the first one voted off survivor.  LOL

We took it slow, but my car did fine.  At the next exit, we saw traffic coming to a halt, and several cars off the road.  I took that exit and took the side roads.  My car did fine, still, but it was slick.  The farther we went, the slicker it got.  My top speed was 30.  What a nerve-wracking trip!

Don't worry.  Kevin manned the camera.  Click on the picture to make it bigger and see what our view was like.

Anyway, this is me; going on the record; standing up and shouting, "The weather dudes got it right this time!"

Peace out!


Donna said...

You call that RIGHT? Where's our 12 inches of snow??????

Donna said...

Oh, and how's the basement drain?

Rachel said...

Basement drain is all fixed, thanks to Oak Grove Rental having a prof. strength snake thingie to run through the outside clean-out thing.

Lindie said...

I was out and about early, went to KC and then Greenwood, then Raymore, by then I could see the ice on the trees but not on the roads. Stopped at the Price Chopper, then fed my daughter's pets, (she's in sunny Atlanta) by the time I got home there were big ugly splotches on my windshield! And ice on the pavement.

Pamela said...

You are so funny! You DARE challenge the weather dude?? LOL! Glad you made it home safely after such an awful drive. I can't imagine driving in that weather.

Pamela said...

Oh I forgot...Walmart and HELL are one in the same. JMO!

Rachel said...

Funny thing is, Pam, *I* can't imagine driving in CA traffic!

Traci said...

I'm with your mom. They always predict an avalanche and then when that doesn't arrive they stress about what really did.
We had two mini tornadoes on Sunday and they acted like the world had ended. There actually was a roof blown off of a business about a mile away from us!