Monday, March 9, 2009

Birthday week

The "big one" is upon us.  I will be 40 on Friday, and I'm so excited.  I have one day under my belt, and 3 more to go before my 3-day birthday weekend.  WooHoo!  Tammy is getting excited about the concert.  She listened to Jason Aldean all day, just to get ready.  And she LIKES it!  All the better.

Storms have arrived, so I don't know how much longer I'll have internet, or TV, or power, so I'll take it while I have it, and then crack a window to hear the awesome thunder.  It's going to get really cold tomorrow night, so I'll take what I can get.  I love a good storm.

Kevin quit smoking today.  I hope it sticks.  I will follow shortly.  We have needed to quit for a long time (since we started?) but a new tax law will add 30% to the current cost.  This is me, waving my white flag.  I can't afford what we pay now, let alone 30% more.  I should quit tonight, with Kevin, but we're not out of cigarettes yet!  Bad excuse?  OK, whatever.  I'll try.

Yup, it's obvious that I need to find some motivation.  I'll go look for some now.


Donna said...

I quit many times before I really QUIT! Don't give up.

I don't think we'll lose Internet tonight; these storms aren't that bad.

Celeste said...

How about this for motivation...SMOKING CAUSES WRINKLES

Celeste said...

Don't give up. I quit a 3 pack a day habit cold turkey 11 years ago. You can do it. Tell Kevin I am rooting for him too

Anonymous said...

Finding the strength and motivation to quit is hard, & I believe I was only able to at the time I did because I was running an oncology practice, with chemo being giving in the back daily. Quite a motivator.
Don't try to quit right at your 40th, give yourself a relaxing, no DIRE NEED kind of birthday. Have fun. Have fun all week and then all weekend. Happy Birthday.

Traci said...

Good luck to you and Kevin! And to the kids who have to put up with grumpy nicotine deprieved mom and dad! LOL You can do it!