Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday at last! (and car pics)

Here are a few pics of my baby.  Sorry that it didn't happen sooner, but we had snow.  Followed by melting.  Followed by sloppy streets.  Followed by drying.

I finally washed her last night, and she looked GOOD.  Problem is: I got home after dark.  Today, I couldn't get the loser photographer that I work with (Yeah, B, I'm talkin' to you!) to take pics.  I sat down to do a blog entry and decided to do it in the dark.  Yes, I took these pics in total darkness.  Sorry in advance:

It's hard to tell, but she is SO pretty.  30.65 mpg when I filled up yesterday morning.  It's so fun to drive, and it is SWEET!  I love having the control of a manual transmission again.  I've been driving automatic trannys for about 15 years or more.  It's about time that I get control back.  Right? 

I am ready for a weekend.  It's going to be a busy month, but a good one.  I have a Bday coming up.  A big one.  I also have a concert to go to on Friday, which thrills me to DEATH!  I get to see Jason Aldean.  His newest song is my current favorite.  If you like rockin' country, go here.  I also scored tickets to another concert that happens at the end of the month.  Gotta love those ticket hits.  Drive up, get tickets, go to work.  No $$ changing hands.  SWEET!

The day after Jason Aldean brings a meet of folks who graduated from this little town.  I'm stoked about that, too.  It'll be fun to get together with those who tolerated me in high school.  I'm hoping to talk Mom into going, since she said "maybe" on facebook.  We'll see.

OK, time to sign off and chill.  Kami is coming over tomorrow.  YEAH!


Amy said...

youuuuu have a cute car and I don't have oneeeee! ::sulk::

Pamela said...

I saw the pic of your car on your Mom's blog. It's CUTE!! Totally YOU!! Glad you love it!

Sonya said...

cool car!!!!
Happy for ya...
Do you have warm temps?
It was 76 here. Wow.
Take care.

Traci said...

Great little car! Have fun with your girl this weekend!