Monday, March 23, 2009

My room, in more detail

This ain't the Ritz, friend-o-mine.  This place has been here a LONG time.  I'm pretty sure that Noah stayed here, when he finally got off the big boat.  A few of the animals joined him, from the looks of things.

Honestly, it's not dirty*, it's just old and deteriorating.  The more you look around, the more you see.  Some of it is just wear and tear, but for the prices they charge, they should fix it.  Some of it, though, is plainly unsafe.  It's funny, if you're as warped as I am.

OK, we'll start with the worst.  Don't forget that you can click on any image to make it larger:

Exhibit A:  Above these track lights, there is evidence that they had some serious issues at one point. 

Exhibit B: This is a hole through the floor, to the cement, beside the bathroom door.

Exhibit C:  This blow dryer may have been "First Class" at some point in it's life, but now the switch won't even stay on.  Have you ever tried to dry your hair while holding a switch in the "on" position with your thumb?  It's not easy, let me tell you.

Exhibit D: In one corner, there are black marks on the wallpaper.  Did someone throw a shoe at someone, and miss?

Exhibit E:  The wallpaper is peeling apart on another wall.  That dark spot on the ceiling above it?  Yeah, that's a cobweb.  This is the reason for the * beside "it's not that it's dirty" above.

Exhibit F:  Many spots around the room have tears in the wallpaper.  This room could use some sprucing up for sure.

Exhibit G:  Finally, one of the most annoying problems in my room is the TV.  The green letters at the top, under the channel, are WRONG!  I looked and looked for CBS tonight, and couldn't find it anywhere.  Then, the 207th time I surfed through, I saw the truth.  The CBS eye was down in the lower corner...on FOX?????  Dang.

Yeah, this place is messed up.  I guess that is the up-side to the topsy-turvy change of plans that happened today.  Tomorrow, after we tear down the booth, coworker Cassie and I will drive to St. Louis and check into a hotel there.

Wednesday morning, I'll teach a web class from the hotel room, then pack up and hit the road for home.  Thank goodness that we've been booked into a Marriott.  You always know what to expect with Marriott.  I'll have much more pleasant images from there, I'm sure.

This would have never happened if I'd gone to Pasadena to meet Pam.  I'm just sayin'.


Pamela said...

No..if would NEVER have happened! You would have had a GREAT room. OR...if you didn't, you'd be too busy having such a good time with ME that you wouldn't notice. Plus, you could always stay with ME! HA!
I'm just sayin...

Michelle said...

Wow! The nice places that we get to stay! Decatur is another armpit of the world along with Dayton! Safe travels!

Sonya said...

Sorry your experience there is less than pleasant. I see what you mean. Before you know it - you will be HOME!
BTW you made my top 7 blogs. I can't read any more than that on a regular basis. I've had to put my foot down with myself and wrestle it out! I've got my top 7 bookmarked in a folder called "top blogs" (lol).
Maybe I can actually read these 7.

Anonymous said...

This reads sort of like a 20/20 expose ;-0. When motel rooms jump the tracks.....~Mary

Anonymous said...

I read your Blog, and when you said about going to Decatur, I thought, wholly crap, it is a dump anymore in that town.Glad you got out in time before being robbed or something, I am just saying...

Traci said...

Lovely place! NOT! At least the Marriot is making up for it!