Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Sunday night alone time

Sunday nights belong to me.  Kevin gets up terribly early, so most weeknights, he's dozing off between 7 and 8.  On the weekend, he gets more sleep, so he lets me sneak away to hide in my room and watch my shows...all alone.  SWEET!

It turned off cold today, after last night's thunder storms.  I miss the 70 degree days, but they'll be back soon enough.  5 days until my big 4-0, and the plans are coming into shape.  Kevin gets out of going to Jason Aldean with me, and my BFF will go with me instead.  He'll be glad to stay home, since he is beat on Friday nights.

We get three day birthdays, so I'm taking Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Maybe, if I talk real nice to my mommy, we can have potato soup this weekend.  I have the concert on Friday night, and a meet-up with friends I went to school with on Saturday evening.  It'll be a busy, but very fun, weekend.  I even took Friday as a vacation day, to get the most from it!

This weekend, I got to see my folks, 2 aunts, crazy Pat and his son Jeremiah, Kameron, and my BFF Tammy and her husband.  Lots of love around me.  Makes me feel guilty for how crabby I was at my kids this morning.  Is there a way to skip the teen years?  Can we jump from loving toddler to responsible adult?  Preferably without me losing any years in the process?  No?  I thought not.  Patience, Lord.  I need patience.

OK, time for Desperate Housewives.  I hope you all have a great week.  I know that *I* plan to!


Hollie said...

I know what you mean about skipping the teenage years! I'd vote for that one! Happy B'day early! I bet you get your potato soup!

Celeste said...

The only way to skip those years is to ship them off somewhere.