Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Still no car pics

I still don't have pics of my car.  I finally got to drive it to work today.  What a sweet ride!  When my favorite songs were on, the stereo was crankin'.  When I was in traffic, I could choose any lane instead of avoiding the left lane.  The old car died sometimes, and I couldn't chance the fast lane.  It's cute and fast and perfect.  As soon as I have daylight time to take pics, I'll post them.  I love that little Neon.  We now have a Ford, a Chevy, and a Dodge in the driveway.  We're tri-partisan.

Brett enjoyed his first full day at the plumbing place, and showed knowledge that no other employee had, causing a position-shift and a pay increase.  Sweet!  It's so good that he's working.  He should be able to have his own place by May 1.

We had tacos tonight.  Kevin and Monica cooked, I did dishes, Brett put away clean dishes, and Natalie stayed on top of laundry.  It was a team effort.  I love those kind of nights.  Nobody feels overworked, and everybody chips in.

Even in the "tough economic times," life can be good.  HA!  I couldn't help myself.  Sorry.


Heather said...

You know what else helps in these "tough economic times?" Finding ice cream on sale at Publix 2 for $6 and they are HALF GALLONS! Whoot.

Maybe that's just me.

Great news for Brett!!

Traci said...

Good for Brett! If I hear the words "tough economic times" again I'll scream. Scream I say! Don't tempt me...

Brooke said...

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