Monday, March 2, 2009

Cars and changes and such.

Neighbor got his jeep, so I got neighbor's car, so Brett got my car, so Kevin's coworker got Brett's truck.  Phew!  What a crazy weekend.  I do have a reliable, high-mpg car, that is cute as all get-out though, and it's all tagged, insured, and legal.  I will drive it to work tomorrow for the first time.  I drove it all over heck yesterday, so I'm ready.  Kevin kept it today to tag it for me.

He even cleaned it up for me today.  After the nasty roads this weekend, it was quite dirty.  I appreciate him doing that.  If I can keep it clean until I get to work, I'll take pictures.  Otherwise, I'll wash it after work and take them then.  It's a little red Neon 5-speed and I love it very much.

Brett got hired through a temp agency.  He was supposed to work at the Toys-R-Us distribution center in Lee's Summit, 4-10 hour shifts per week.  Coolio.  He got there today, watched all training videos, and asked some questions.  Apparently, they started someone last week for full time, and planned to work Brett 20 hours per week.


He called the temp agency on his break, and they said that they had one other position.  It's all the way up on front street, but it's over 40 hours, so there will be OT involved.  Awesome.  He is set to go there tomorrow morning at 8.

Now for the bad news.  I could cry over this one.  I will not get to meet Pam in a few weeks.  I was to go to the Western States convention in Pasadena, CA, and I had a free evening or two.  Pam was to come get me so we could go to dinner.  We were both SO excited.  Today, everything changed.

I am to do the convention in Decatur, IL instead.  Joy.  Actually, we will get a rental and drive 6 hours to get there.  Bigger joy.  I don't mind the convention choice too much.  A trade show is a trade show.  It's just that I can't meet Pam.  Yet.

It will happen, Pam.  I promise.  I'm just not sure when, yet.


Hollie said...

I'm so sorry that you aren't going to get to meet Pam. Congrats on the new car.

Amy said...

Whoa...Decatur. Can you stand the excitement? Decatur is not that far from where I grew up...

Pamela said...

Ever since I read your email I've been sick to my stomach. Sheesh! I was REALLY looking forward to meeting you. But, I totally understand. We'll get together sometime...yep...we will!

Celeste said...


Traci said...

Boooo! Decatur vs. Pasadena. No contest. AND you have to drive?! Really not fair.

Heather said...

OH..that stinks. (about the trip)

Sounds like ToysRUs may be a bit shady. That was weird. At least Brett will be getting some OT. Hopefully he'll like the job.

Congrats on the car-new wheels are always fun!