Monday, December 29, 2008

A Year End Meme

I got this from Mom, although I've done it in the past.  Here's Mom's version.  You post the first line (unedited) from each month's first post.  I have added comments in parenthesis.  I can't just do a copy/paste post without commenting, ok?

Now, for my blogging year in review:

January: I need to lose weight. (Big surprise, huh?)

February: The dryer is still broken. (problem was solved rather quickly.)

March: What a waste of a beautiful day. (I was sick.)

April: I deleted yesterday's entry. (Probably a good choice.)

May: Well, it happened. (Natalie got sick.)

June: OK, tonight, it loaded pictures fine. (Obviously having problems with AOL.)

July: OK, I got up in time to post yesterday's pictures.  (Gone on another business trip.)

August: OK, here's the deal. (This is when I FLEW THE PLANE!)

September: So, I have had time to enjoy 4 days off, and I have one day to go. (Hmm, sounds like last weekend.)

October:   I hope this link works. (or)  OK, time to take this blog seriously.   (This is where we switched from AOL to Blogger, so I posted the first October post from both.

November: Here is Monica, the undead homecoming queen. (Halloween happenings.)

December: It's so crazy at work, I can't stop to think.  (Oh yeah, busy season had hit by then.)

What have I learned?  I start too many posts with "OK" and "So."  I tend to gripe too much at the beginning of each month.  Or in general.  Anyway, too many downers.  I'll try to do better in '09.  

My first business trip is a week from Saturday, so maybe that will offer some excitement.  Or not.  It's Phoenix, and I've never been to Arizona, so new sights for me!

Have a great night.


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I love these and thank you for sharing a part of you! Take care and Happy New Year to you and yours,

Pamela said...

Thank you for sending the Happy NY card with that cute pic of the girls. I loved it!! Looking forward to meeting you in March!

Rhianna said...

Dish Networks newest call center is in Phoenix. They "stole" alot of our centers people to help with the launching. Supposedly its nice out there, even tho its hot its not as humid. Well.... hot in the summer, I have no idea what the temp is now. Anyway, I'm stilling that Meme!

Rhianna said...

hmm... I should proof read before posting. I meant stealing.

Remo said...

There's no shortage of stuff for photog-types in PHX. Most of our "sights" are visual anyways. Bring a jacket - the mornings are usually in the 30/40's.

Traci said...

Just a few OKs. You will enjoy Phoenix! Especially when it's 70 and we are in the 40s!