Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Catching up, and random stuff

So, I went to bed on Sunday night, and all was good.  I woke up on Monday morning, and had a horrible head cold.  I didn't really feel "sick" but I was sneezing, had a runny nose, and was congested.  I talked funny, too.  Well, funnier than usual.

I worked all day, the beginning of hell week, and got worse as the day progressed.  I knew that the girls had their Christmas Extravaganza that night.  OK, that's not what they call it, but it was "go listen to other people's kids sing off key" night.  I didn't feel well, but I planned to go, with Kevin.  The girls went to Grandma's after school, due to weather, and then Kevin called me to tell me that he had to work late.  

There was NO way that I could leave at 5, drive an hour, pick up the girls, take them home to eat and change clothes, and get them to the school by 6:05.  *sigh*  When I found out that Kevin had NO way out of it, I asked to leave early.  That is unheard of, this time of year, but knowing that I came in 2 hours early, they agreed.  PHEW!

I picked up the girls, they cleaned themselves up, and we went to the cafegymatorium at the school.  I was getting sicker by the minute, but settled in to watch other people's untalented kids.  3rd and 4th grade went first, and sang for 30 minutes.  5th and 6th (Natalie's group) went next.  Two.Songs.  Yup, only two songs, and they were done.

Fine, deal with it, right?  I'm still getting sicker, and I can tell that a fever was settling in.  Frankly, I am NOT a good mom at these things.  Let my kids perform, then let me go home.  I don't care about other people's kids.  Honestly.  Mother-of-the-year I am not.  Anyway, Jr. High band gets going (Monica's group) and played two songs.  Yup, just two.

OK, home free, right?  Nope.  Now, it's time for Jr and Sr high school bands to play together.  This was a big deal for Monica, so I was OK with it.  She's far better than most 7th grade band members, and she's the only Jr. High trumpet player.  She was stoked to play with the High School band, and she kept up with them, note for note.

Cool, now we can go home, right?  NOPE!  The band instructor guides them to go sit on the side, on the bleachers, while the high school plays.  They played for about 7 hours (or 4 songs.)  Then, he announces that it was time for jazz band to get ready.  I made eye contact with Monica in the stands and pointed at the door.  She got the message.

We got home at 8:30, and their bedtime is at 9.  I had left home at 5:00 in the morning, and just got home for the night at 8:30.  Yes, I was sick as a dog.  I got the necessary evening chores done, with Kevin's help, and went to bed, freezing.  I was wearing sweats to bed, and was freezing cold.

I woke up, sweaty as all get-out, thinking "The fever broke!"  I was right.  I am still snotty, but I feel so much better than I did yesterday.  My crops rotted in the field on myFarm, my YoVille character didn't get to work for 3 shifts, and my email went unanswered.  However, I'm back now.  Look out, Facebook!


Donna said...

I really did want to see the girls, and had planned on it. I did NOT, however, look forward to all those untalented kids performances.

God works in mysterious ways.

Glad you're feeling better. Look out for Thursday's weather.

Traci said...

I'm glad you are better. One of the reasons I won't do myFarm is the upkeep!

Pamela said...

I hope you are better today. I'm glad the girls had a good time at the performance.
Have a good night!

Celeste said...

I hate doing things when I am sick. Glad you are feeling better.