Friday, December 19, 2008

It's over

After a lot of long days, and a lot of stressing out, it's over.  All out-of-town orders, due for Christmas, had to ship today.  They did.  It was crazy, and I was lacking sleep, and people were cranky with me (I got yelled at 3 times, but didn't take it personally,) but we did it.

Tonight, I plan to sleep for about 80 hours.  That'll be tough, since Mom offered my favorite meal EVER.  Maybe I'll sleep for 10 hours, eat some potato soup, then sleep for another 70 hours.  I'll figure it out.  LOL

Christmas is going to be weird this year, due to financial issues, but we've worked out a plan with the girls, and a week from tonight, everyone will be quite happy.  Yeah, we're being VERY non-traditional this year.  Gotta keep the utilities on, right?  LOL

I'm gonna play some mindless games on Facebook and watch TV now.  Good night.



Sonya said...

Glad your work is DONE with goals met. Enjoy the sighs and sleeps and rest and just being off work and destressing. Yay.

Pamela said...

That's a nice feeling when you get stuff done. Sorry you were yelled at...everyone is on edge these days it seems.
Hope you get some good rest this weekend. That's MY goal, too!

Anonymous said...

It's 9:36 a.m. and Rachel is still sleeping. Ten hours down, seventy to go.


Lisa said...

Rachel, glad it's all over, being yelled at is the worst !!!!!! Glad you can relax now, have a cold beer for me, Hugs Lisa