Saturday, December 27, 2008


I've always been weird, but I'm getting more so by the day.  Here are a few things that make people look at me like I've lost my mind.

1. The window shades need to be the same height.  Halfway open, even with the top of the bottom sash, or all the way closed.  Don't leave one open and the others closed, don't leave one 3" from the bottom.  It looks stupid to me.

2. If a piece of food falls off my plate, it's trash.  I cannot eat something that has touched the table, at home or out.  No telling what may contaminate it.

3. I don't hi-five.  It annoys me.  My kids want to hi-five ALL the time, and I can't.  Thanks to the sitcom "Scrubs", though, we have "sterile hi-five" and "mental hi-five", both of which are acceptable.

4. I will spend a lot of time fixing my hair, and that's fine.  If ONE hair comes loose, however, it's as foul as described by Jerry Seinfeld.  Gross and evil.  Mine, yours, my kid's, it's all foul.  Even minutes after washing.

5. Other than going to the bathroom, brushing my teeth is the first thing that I do in the morning.  Not after breakfast, not after my shower, not after getting dressed.  I can't stand morning mouth.

OK, that's enough.  You all might start thinking that I'm weird.  We can't have that, now can we?


Donna said...

I figure #2 is because you have cats and a dog in the house.

Lisa said...

Rachel, you seem pretty normal to me, now you want to talk weird, I'm the weird one, lol, Hugs Lisa

Toon said...

"weird", "compulsive", "neurotic"...we've all got little tics and such that drive us.

a fellow weirdo

Amy said...

Out of the 2 of us, you're definitely the more weird one. ::pause:: okay, maybe not.

Celeste said...

And what is weird?

Traci said...

I've met you and can vouch that you aren't that weird! LOL