Sunday, December 14, 2008

Stupidly Cold

OK, so we lost 50 degrees today.  OK, so it's sleeting.  OK, so we live in Missouri.  Get over it.   That's my mantra.  Get.Over.It.  However...

I remembered tonight that I didn't have my good ice scraper on Tuesday, when it snowed.  Thankfully, it was a cold and dry snow, so I swiped the windows with my sleeve, and all was good.  Tonight, however, it started with sleet.  That means there will be ice on the windshield in the morning.

Since I have to be in early (due to the busy season) and I have to take the pajama-clad girls to Mom's in the morning, I knew that I needed my ice scraper.  It was in the shed, last I knew, near the front, on the left.  No problem.  I'll go get it, and bring it inside.

On a commercial break from Survivor, I slipped into Kevin's boots (clomp clomp clomp) and put on my coat.  No working flashlight to be found (what happens if we lose power?) so I grabbed a lighter.  That's enough light to find an ice scraper, right?

I went outside and realized that I couldn't see the combination lock well enough to dial in the code.  I tried and tried for about 5 minutes, before I realized that it was already unlocked.  DUH!  Fine, I'm in.  I'm in, out of the wind.  I struck the lighter to life and turned to the left, and bent down.  I was hovering over 4 gas cans.

Great move, Einstein.   

Realizing that this was NOT the best plan, I headed back into the house.  Ahhh, warmth.  I watched another segment of Survivor, then headed out with a candle.  This would let me have the flame pointing up, but light shining all around.  Yeah, still stupid, but not open flame over gas cans.

I finally found the elusive ice scraper (it's a good one, too) and brought it inside.  As a final step, I had to take the lock back out, and lock the shed.  The wind is so evil, it was taunting me.  Once, I heard it say, "Rachel?  Go ahead and light off the gas cans.  Maybe you'll get warm!"  I ran inside like a coward.  That wind is so mean tonight.

The girls showered tonight, packed clothes for tomorrow, as well as toothbrushes and hairbrushes, and are ready to climb into the car at 5 something tomorrow.  I hate it when they have to get up that early.  They can go back to sleep at Mom's, though.  Their lunches are packed, and I'll send something for breakfast, too.

How long until summer gets here?  There are already school closings on the bottom of the TV screen, and there is a layer of ice under the snow that's now falling.  Maybe I should move to California and hang with Pam or Lisa.  Maybe I should move to Texas and hang with Amy.  Maybe I should move to Georgia and hang with Jim or Celeste.

Nah.  I'd miss my folks too much.  Dad helped Kevin so much with my car today, and I feel a certain comfort, knowing how close they are.  I'll slip and slide to work tomorrow, knowing that spring will be SO pretty.

Right?  It'll be pretty, right?  TELL ME THAT IT'LL BE PRETTY!

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Pamela said...

I hope everything went smoothly for you this morning. This entry made me laugh! Come to CA anytime!
Stay warm!