Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Slip Slidin' away....

Jeez, Louise!  You get an inch or two of snow, and everyone turns into a moron.  Leaving work, I have to climb a pretty steep hill.  For those of you in the KC area (or Traci) it is just south of the stadium complex on Blue Ridge Cutoff.  My car can do this.  No. Problem.  However, many people have NO idea what their car can do.

They just head right on up a hill that their POS cannot deal with.  Therefore, I was stuck for 15 minutes behind cars spinning, sliding, and turning.  At one point, a car going the other direction, slid past me sideways, his front bumper coming within inches of the driver's side of my car.  I just flinched to the side, closed my eyes, and prayed, "Dear Lord, if he hits me, make it a good one.  I'm buckled, not moving, and I need a new car."

He missed me.  Barely.  *sigh*  And then we move on.  Finally, I had the opportunity to weave into the oncoming lanes to go around Dr. Spins-a-lot, and rocked and rolled right on to the interstate.

I-70 wasn't much better.  It wasn't slick, but it wasn't moving.  I got really excited when I saw this?

That was the fastest I'd gone in over 30 minutes.  *sigh*  So THIS is how it's gonna be, huh?  At about 6:00, when I should have been home, I was halfway there.  I had to pee so badly that I was pretty sure I'd die.  I exited the interstate and hit a QT.  I love QT.  I totally HEART QT.  Then, back on the road.

I got home, safe and sound, but a bit late.  Here is my radio when I got to my driveway:

Yup, a full hour later than usual.  Oh well.  I never slid, slipped, or had any issues, all the way home.  My little car, no matter what gripes I have about it, did an awesome job as usual.  Now, I'm gonna sit in my warm home and relax.  I have to leave early to make it in on time.  

If school is in session, I need to get the girls to Mom's by 6:00.  (a little warning, Mom.  Sorry.)  If there is no school, I'm leaving at 5.  This is busy season, and I have FAR too much work to do.  I can't just arrive at the normal time, and now we have ice issues.  


I still love Missouri, and I stand by my winter mantra:  "If it's going to be cold, it may as well be pretty!"

Several co-workers wanted to punch me for that one today. 

"Sleigh bells ring, are ya listenin'?  In the lane, snow is glistenin'!  A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight, walking in a freaking absurdly freezing land!"


Amy said...

It finally got cold here! Who knows how long it will last but I'm outside like an idiot dancing. Remind me how much I love the cold after I get sick, okay?

Donna said...

The girls can come at any time.

Pamela said...

The driving sounds horrid in that kind of weather. UGH!
Stay safe!

Lindie said...

I heard there was a overturned truck on I-70 last night. Yesterday afternoon all the dumb drivers were out. One spun around and nearly hit us on a side street and when we got on 470 I saw at least 8 cars in the median. Snow day today here in Belton and we only got 2 or 3 inches!