Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Oh yeah, and the conventions

I got the schedule for the 2009 conventions that I'll be attending in 2009.  If any of my buddies are close, let me know.  I won't show dates, because I don't know fly in-fly out details, or convention hours.  Anyway, here's where I'll be:

Phoenix, somewhere in the early teens of January.
Kentucky, somewhere in the middle 20s of January.
Myrtle Beach, somewhere in the first week or so of February.
Pasadena, in the early 20s of March.

If you are near any of these areas, and want specifics, let me know.  I'd love to meet for dinner or drinks.


Lisa said...

Hey Rachel, Any CSI Conventions ?????? Hugs Lisa

Pamela said...

When you come to Pasadena lets have dinner ok? I'm about 45 mins away and can drive up to see you. Deal?

Traci said...

Yeah, like KY is a pretty long state. Which city?
Also you need to stop by my blog there is a surprise!

Celeste said...

Love to meet you in Myrtle Beach! But....