Monday, November 24, 2008

Signs, Signs, Everywhere signs...

Remember that song?  Anywho, I've mentioned my commute many times.  Let's talk about some signs.

Kansas City has "scout" signs.  I don't know if they're called the same thing in every city, but they show traffic, and if there's an Amber alert, that's the first place that it shows.  The other day, there was an accident on the right shoulder of I-70, past Blue Ridge Cutoff.  The sign, abbreviating, said, "Accident past Blue Ridge Cut Right Shoulder."  I thought, "Wow, now they're even giving a medic report on the injured!"  

Once I get off the interstate, on the way home, I pass three or four signs that say "No Center Stripe."  The problem is, there is a center stripe after all of them.  Maybe time to remove the signs?

There is a semi-portable sign before my exit.  The message on this one changes, but there are just a few that I seem to see over and over.  It has read, "Motorcycle awareness begins with you", "You drink, you drive, you lose", "Click it or ticket", " and speed limit enforced."  Duh!

Tonight, it said, "Trucks rock.  They also roll.  Buckle Up!"  OK, who is trying to interject the humor?  That doesn't seem to be the idea behind the sign.  Maybe that IS the idea, but everyone before now has failed.  Maybe the new guy, down at the highway department, showed them that humor was the way to go.

I'd try to get to the bottom of the messages on the signs.  However, they break up the monotony.  I'll take that over commuter boredom any day.

Oh yeah, one more "sign."  About 2-3 days per week, I follow a delivery truck for Lance snacks.  The truck bears a picture of a guy's jeans, with a package of crackers extending out of his back pocket.  The words say, "I've got Lance in my Pants."  

LOL  Good times.

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