Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just the two of us

Natalie had an absolute BALL at activity night.  She kept saying how awesome it was.  Phew!  Then, after she had been home for a bit, she asked me if it would be OK if she stayed home with me this weekend.  I said, "sure" but she wasn't sure how to tell her Dad.  She is always in fear of hurting someone's feelings.

Of course he was fine with it.  I wanted it to be her decision, and there will be times in a few months that I will be gone to conventions, so she can hang with me all she wants for now.  I heard a rumor that my Uncle Don is coming up to Dad's, so we'll probably venture over there to visit some.  Natalie and I are both fans of Uncle Don.  

Besides that, if he's here, that means maybe Aunt Rena will stay home.  She's gone most every weekend, and we'd like to see her, too.  Finally, I want to see Mom and Dad.  The weekend is the only time I can see anyone, since we all keep such different hours and it's dark by 3:00.  OK, maybe not that early, but I get home in the dark, so I want to stay in.

Anywho, it's just the two of us.  No telling what kind of mischief we'll get into.  I'll try to take pictures.  LOL


Donna said...

No Rena. She left Thursday to go visit Mike and his kids, since she'll be working weekends after this one.

Sonya said...

Hope you all are having some fun! I KNOW you are!

Hollie said...

Sorry you won't get to see Rena. Enjoy your visit though.

Sonya said...

I've enjoyed looking at your site meter. lol I wanted to see if you had some of the same places that I had. I love that feature. lol

Toon said...

Have fun with the little one... (she's still little, right?) Kids get big and then don't want to be arounf older -- ENJOY!