Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I found out tonight that Cheesy Enchilada Hamburger Helper (our favorite variety) CAN be eaten in moderation.  It may have even tasted better that way.

Monica got stuck with a 2-person project when her partner refused to help, so she worked for hours last night to complete it on her own.  Kevin took her to work to make sure that the teacher knew that she did it alone.  When she got to the class?  She couldn't find it.  She got a detention AND had to do it again.  *sigh*

Natalie and I are ready to settle in and watch the CMA awards, so I'm out!


Traci said...

Poor Monica! What a nightmare.

Traci said...

Poor Monica! What a nightmare.

Amy said...

aww - poor monica.

i've found there's a limit to alfredo, too. gak.

Pamela said...

Poor Monica. Give her a hug for me ok?