Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday nonsense

It's been a typical Saturday at the old homestead.  Kevin had to work for a few hours, so he was gone when I got up.  Around 10, I took Natalie's friend home, and Natalie and I headed to Blue Springs.  We went to Aldi, and Kevin met us there when we were almost done.

When we got home, Monica was here, getting clothes for another day.  She stays at her friends house for an entire weekend pretty often, if we let her.  Today, friend's family was having their Thanksgiving dinner, and they wanted Monica to join them.  Tomorrow, she's going with them to see Twilight.  She read the book in just two days, so she's excited to see the movie.

Tonight, I fixed Kevin up with a rice sock:

His knee was bothering him, and I happened to remember this cheap heating pad solution.  It's great to warm up with in the winter, put on a sore body part, or whatever.  It is just rice, in a sock, microwaved.  Viola!  Kevin thought it was pretty awesome.  I just wish I'd remembered it years ago.  

Hawkeye went out to Mom and Dad's with us this afternoon.  Our visit got cut pretty short by a call from Monica, needing something from home, but we were there for a bit.  Long enough for the dog to wear himself out:

He loves it out there.  Natalie does, too.  She didn't come home with us.  She's still there now, planning on spending the night.  We're going over there tomorrow, anyway, for a fish fry.  Yum. 

I took a LONG nap this afternoon, and it felt great.  When I woke up, Brett was here.  He brought out a belated birthday present for Monica.  If he'd called first, I would have told him that she wasn't here.  Oh well.  I made a big pot of chili and a pan of cornbread, and now we're all just chillin' out.

Brett is parked at one computer watching comedians on YouTube, Kevin is nodding off with a sock full of rice on his knee, and I'm watching TV and surfing online.  L.A.Z.Y.  I love lazy Saturdays.


Traci said...

I am jealous of your lazy Saturday. As Emma put it,"can't we stay home ONE day?" No, it isn't allowed...

Hollie said...

Sounds like a great day! I have never heard about the rice in a sock....I'll have to remember that...

Lisa said...

Rachel, I found you again, Love Lisa

Pamela said...

I forgot about the rice in the sock trick! I've never used one.
Glad you had a nice relaxing day.