Tuesday, August 25, 2009


OK, I'm a skeptic. Monica has professed to be a vegetarian many times in her life. Cook some burgers and she's done. Monica has said that she wants to join a group at school, and the first time it's boring, she's done. Such is the life of a pre-teen.

So, when Mom gifted the girls a guitar over a year ago, I didn't expect much. They both played with it a bit, but not enough to matter. Strum, strum, done. In fact, it fell a few times, and now has some problems.

Monica has shown a recent, renewed interest in the guitar, but we're gun shy. However, Kevin and Grammy found one at a garage sale, and the price was right, so they bought it. It's a birthday present, 3 months early, but she was happy.

Now, I've heard all of my kids trying out instruments over the years. It usually hurts. I'm a good enough mom to hang in there and say, "Wow! You're getting better!" Tonight, Monica wanted to play something for me on her guitar. "Fine," says I, "let's do it." She wasn't 30 seconds into it before I freaked.

"I know this song! It's from the Seinfeld finale'!" She looked at me like I grew a third eye. However, I was right. I thought it was "Time of Your Life" but it's "Good Riddance." But, it's the SAME SONG! It's Green Day! I can hear what she's playing, and I RECOGNIZE it!

I know, it's my kid. But, she's self taught with NO parental help (Kevin and I can barely play the radio, OK?) and I'm proud. Don't know the song? Here it is:

Wow, what a cool night for me. Most folks will be bored with a "Look what my kid did!" post, but I can't contain myself. She's gonna do something.

Oh, and for my Mother...Monica complained today about her finger tips hurting. I said, "My mom says that you'll have calluses and it will be better." She said, "really? That's gross!" I said, "Yeah, but it makes you a better guitar player." She said, "Awesome." and ran giggling from the room. Yeah, Mom, you finally got your guitar player.


m.v. said...

when I was younger the guy who played guitar got all the chicks.I took few classed but I suck at music,so no chicks for me :-).
she is actually pretty good.

Donna said...

Dear Lord, she IS good. I'm still wondering what happened to her old guitar, though.

Heather said...

Ok. Seriously, that gave me chills. I totally could hear it.

It won't be long until I'll be watching GMA and say, "Hey! I KNOW the guitar player. She is Rachel's daughter."

Rock on, Monica!

Amy said...

%$$&*#%!!!!!! I wish I could see videos, but I think somebody deleted something from my computer and now I can't see anything! Sucks.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Self-taught, huh? Incredible.

That's infinity times better than I could do even if I took lessons for a month.


Pat said...

She is really good!!! I know you are proud of her, and I KNOW your Mom is, right Donna.