Thursday, August 13, 2009

Guest Blogger

Today, I'm turning my blog over to Monica. Who knows what will happen, but she's going to tell you about her experience last night, going to the Green Day Concert with her grandma. Every time I ask about it, she looks off into the distance and says, "It was AMAZING." in a dreamy voice. Maybe you'll get more out of her than we did. OK, Monica, let 'er rip!

Okay so I went to Green Day last night! I loved it. On the drive there, we were sooo excited. I remember we turned on a road and there it was. The Sprint Center!! We parked on the 5th floor of the parking garage! It was a long walk down there, so we took the elevator. We went one floor down, and about 5 more people jammed in there! It was crowded.

When we got inside the Sprint Center, Grandma bought me a shirt. It is so cool! This lady who worked at the Center asked if she could take our picture. There's a huge screen thing hanging from the ceiling in the arena area, and the picture was supposed to show up between bands, but we never saw it.

Franz Ferdinand opened for Green Day, and they were SOOO energetic. It was a good show. As soon as they got off, the lights came on. Probably so you can see where you're going to get to the bathroom or something. Anyway, I was watching the screen and someone put up "Look at the bunny!" Everyone looked at the stage and there was a guy in a bunny suit and the bunny was supposed to be drunk. It was kinda funny.

Then Green Day came on stage. Billie Joe was HILARIOUS! He said, "The Sprint Center is cool! And it has a good name, because 'Running At An Alarming Rate Center' would be weird!" I laughed so hard! They opened with "21st Century Breakdown" and then "Know Your Enemy". Then they played old school GD songs. I knew all of the songs except for two of them. I rocked out so hard!

If you've heard the song "St. Jimmy," you would know that Billie sings "And thats my name...... And don't you #!^&%*% wear it out!" Well my friend Collin went, and Billie paused a LONG time after "thats my name" and Collin yelled the rest before Billie did! It was funny.

We left about half way through the last song and when we got out, Grandma said something to me, and I could barely hear! It was muffled. LOL We walked to the parking garage that was across the street and rode up to our car. I had an amazing time there. Thanks so much to Grandma and Arick. I hope I can see Green Day again sometime!

-- Monica :]

OK, folks, there you have it. I added the links for her, but the rest is hers. I'm glad she had so much fun.


Donna said...

What a great review. Yeah, I'd pay to see Green Day again, and I didn't even understand most of the lyrics.

People just don't know what they're missing!

Anonymous said...

Great review Monica, I really like them too, and I'm your Grandmas age. Vicki

Anonymous said...

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