Friday, August 7, 2009

I could cry

I have to stop and appreciate a few things in life. I have a great family, I get to go out tomorrow night with friends (have I mentioned that we NEVER go out?) and my dog is finally flea-free. Yeah, those are good things.

What I'm talking about now is my customers. I have a TON of customers. Seriously, I talk to many folks a day, and they are all awesome. I'm referring here to a few select customers. I don't think of them as customers: I think of them as friends.

There's Sheila, Michelle, Wilber, Jason, Ed, Lucia, and I could go on. There are many customers that I consider friends. If I left H&H (and I won't) I would keep in touch with them, or miss them dearly. This is a story about one of them.

Sheila sent an email to me today. She had three questions, but there was another paragraph, embedded in the middle of this email, that blew me away. She said that she knew something was wrong. That she knew I wasn't myself. That she hoped I was OK. I cried when I read it. She rocks.

I called her tonight. Yes, I called her, at 7:30 on a Friday evening, just to chat. We had a great chat. She is the shit. I'm just sayin'. This isn't just a customer, this is Sheila.

Yes, my friends, I am fine. I'm better by the day, and life is good. I found my mojo, and it feels good to be me again. Thanks for caring. Thanks for worrying about me, although I hate causing worry.

Kevin and I will meet up with Sheila and Neil REAL soon, for a weekend outing. It will be inexpensive and fun and wonderful. No, it's not the Memphis trip that we planned with them, but it's still a chance to have a great time with great people.

I'm ready. I am *so* ready.

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Traci said...

I hope you are getting your groove back! I love when I connect with someone! Hope you two can get together soon.