Friday, August 28, 2009

Quik Trip

I loves me some QT. I don't think you get it. This isn't "favorite grocery store" love, and it's not "favorite route to work" love. I LOVE QT. If you don't have a Quik Trip in your area, I pity you.

They have the best CHEAP cappuccino and mocha in the world. The fountain drinks are better than any fast-food joint, and half the price. You can get ANYTHING there...I SWEAR it! I could stop by for a mocha and pick up an engine block for a 69 Impala.

That's not the attraction, though. It's the service. I work in customer service, and it is a big thing for me. Treat me right, and I'll come back. Treat me bad, and you've seen the last of me. QT has H&H-type customer service.

Tonight, I had to stop in at QT. When I walked in, the cashier (who was busy) looked up and said "Hi! How you doin?" I smiled and gathered what I needed. When I approached the counter, he said, "Hi! Can I get anything else for you?"

Yeah, THAT'S what I'M talkin' about. I paid and started toward the door. Cashier dude did a *bit* too much. He said, "Thanks! See ya later! Have a good night! Come back soon! See ya then!"

I'm not kidding. He said all of this. QT dude? I'm coming back. You're awesome. You always offer up the best of the best in customer service. Chill a tiny bit more. I'm not complaining: Too much is better than too little. Just have a great night, OK, QT dude? Enjoy your evening. Have a good night. Have a good day tomorrow. I hope your kid graduates. I hope your car morphs into a Jaguar. I hope MY car morphs into a Jaguar.

See? There can be too much. I still love ya! Keep on doin' what you're doin'. QT has it figured out.

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