Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mom tried to warn me

She told me this would happen. Eh. Who listens to their mothers?

Someone talked about trying to teach their child to tie her shoes.
Someone talked about their toddler having problems learning to "potty."
Someone talked about a cute thing spoken by a child with a lisp.
Someone talked about the first day of school, ever.
Someone had to look for a binkie for an hour to quite her baby last night.

I heard all of these things within the past week, and I cried. I miss my babies. No, I don't want another. I've moved on to loving on a grandbaby and keeping my sleep. However, I miss my babies.

My girls are awesome. They are smart, fun, and funny. They are a joy to be around and so easy-going.

But I miss my daughter's lisp, OK? I miss fun, bubbly bath time. I miss tiny arms hugging my neck.


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I know exactly what you're saying...