Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Single Mom

I am a single Mom for a bit. OK, I'm not fooling anyone. I am NOT a single Mom. However, I'll play the part of one for several days.

As a single Mom, I did all I could do. It was never enough (in my mind) and I failed miserably (in my mind.) However, Brett turned out fine. I can do it.

Kevin has gone away for a few days. He needs it REAL bad, so it's awesome. I came home and started hanging with the girls. All was good. And then...And THEN...

And then it got ugly. Monica said this...Natalie did that...holy CRAP! OK, let's just all get along, OK? Not that easy? Hmmm.

Big changes at work (for the better) and Kevin being gone, it's time for me to figure this out. Kevin's been home for months, and dealing with the day-to-day nonsense, and I sent him away. WHAT WAS I THINKING? Just kidding. We'll be fine, and he needs the time away.

New plan: Natalie has "sanctuary" in my room after school. Monica has "sanctuary" in the guest room. Both have a door that closes, and a TV. OK, separate from each other and get along until I get

I don't think they're totally on board with this plan, but I have to make it work. Seriously, they are TOO old to fuss at each other like this, and I'm NOT willing to tolerate it. If the grumbling continues, they'll be going to bed at 8, and what teen/preteen wants to do that?

Yeah, I'm going down. I know. Kevin will be home soon, right?

Hey, Kevin? Fix this, OK?

Love you!

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Donna said...

Too old to fuss at one another? Ahem. You and your brother kept it up until you left home! I always said it was the worst part of having kids, the arguing.