Friday, August 14, 2009

What a week!

Wow. It's been a crazy one. I'm glad to greet the weekend and have a couple of days to sleep late, watch a race, get a nap, and cook some goodies from Mom's garden.

Big work changes coming next week. I'm excited, and I think it's going to be a very positive situation. More to come on that later.

Brett and Kameron came over to visit and spend the night. It's not his weekend, but any time I get wind of her Momma needing a sitter, I jump all over it. Brett and I both welcome every minute we can get. She is awesome and fun and is currently snoozing away. Next weekend, she'll get her first professional portraits taken. I cannot WAIT!

We're making the girls go to bed at a reasonable time, to get prepped for school. They've been on a cycle of staying up super late, and sleeping past noon. That will never do when school starts. 6 am comes very early on the first few days of school!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. I know that I plan to!

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Amy said...

I used to hate the beginning of school. Hated. It. (Who am I kidding.....I still don't like it, but for a different reason.... I live right across from a school.)