Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

Woke up at 3:30 and never got back to sleep. Oh well. That'll make for a better night's sleep tonight, right?

The girls are back to school this morning. It's Natalie's last year in elementary, and Monica's last year in Jr. High. They're excited and happy to be returning and seeing all of their friends again. They packed their lunches last night and everything.

They both wanted their hair colored again before school started, so being the procrastination queen that I am, we did it last night. I thought Monica would do red again, since hers had been fading a bit, but she wanted dark brown, and so did Natalie! They both came out pretty good, and they're happy with the results.

Today, as is the tradition, I will take them to school. That may make me a few minutes late to work, but I warned them. Tradition is tradition, right?

Kevin goes to the Dr. today to find out what they'll do with his shoulder. Then, he's heading South. I suggested that he go down and spend some time with his Mom, and just take a few days to visit family and friends. His trips are usually rushed and stuffed into a weekend, and there is no reason to cut this one short.

He's going stir crazy, being stuck at home, can't work, nothing to occupy his time other than puttering around here. I didn't suggest he go down there...I *insisted* he go down! LOL I told him to get out. I think he's happy that I did. His mom is thrilled, too.

Geez, what do people do with this much free time in the mornings. Mom? You get up ridiculously early, right? I guess it's a good day to play Yo'Ville, since I haven't been getting on there in several months.


Donna said...

What do I do in the mornings? I have a LOT of blogs to read! And then there's Yoville and Farm Town and Barn Buddy.

m.v. said...

Samantha banned me from even being outside on her first day of school. I guess it's not a tradition here anymore