Friday, June 15, 2012

The Whiny Post

Sorry to all those who have said how amazing I'm doing, but this post is whiny, so maybe skip it?  I like the idea of you guys thinking I'm such a butt kicker and all, but today nearly won this battle.

I woke up at 1:45, tried to go back to sleep until 2:30 and gave up.  Got up and ready, took meds, talked to Kevin, felt the 'roids kick in, and headed to work.  The morning went great, as always, because of the steroids, but they were taken earlier, so they also wore off earlier.  I should have left at noon, but I was sure I could get more time in.

It turns out good (in one way) that I did, since something came up at 1:00 that needs attention before Monday.  I volunteered to do it from home, since it can be done time anytime before Sunday  morning (on my time = doable for me) and I left at 1:30.  It was the first time that, all the way home, I regretted how long I'd stayed.  Or how far I lived from the lab.  Either one.  Both.

Now I'm back in the recliner.  I likely won't move until morning.  Two dear work friends bought Funhouse Pizza for me to bring home, so I have dinner on the table for my family like a good mom.  :)  If I wasn't a lump in the corner, someone might buy that line.  Anyway, so many coworkers have sent meals and food home and it has helped tremendously.

Tonight I take my last does of steroids, get my hair cut as soon as they open (before the medicine is out of my body) and get home.  I hear I'll likely sleep all day.  We'll see.  After three nights of not sleeping, I'll take a full day of it.  Also, I've been advised to ask my oncologist for a mild sleep aid for the next round, and I won't have to go through these three sleepless nights.

And this concludes the pissing and moaning.  Over and Out.

Edited later to add:  Make that FOUR sleepless nights.  *sigh*


Donna said...

I'm glad you can use a sleep aid.

Margaret said...

Steroids are awful for sleeping. Are they offering you ambien? It isn't addictive at all and may help. Glad that you haven't experienced any nausea; my husband hasn't either, although food just doesn't sound good and it's sometimes a battle to get him to eat. Your system of eating what sounds good right away is a good plan. Chemo is wearing, so expect to take lots of naps!!

Anonymous said...

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